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Just how important is email marketing

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by SmokieT, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. SmokieT

    SmokieT Affiliate affiliate

    One thing I really hate is being on someone's list. It's very rare for me to subscribe on any site. When I do it's usually because to get the information I want or download an e-book and most of the time I unsubscribe when the first newsletter arrives.

    Since I dislike being on lists, I have a hard time building a list. It seems wrong to ask my visitors to do something I won't do myself. All the standard guidelines for email marketing are the things that annoy me personally. One list I was pretty much forced to subscribe to seemed to follow all the standards but his attempt to engage and connect with his subscribers did nothing for me.

    Is it possible to survive online without building a list and engaging in email marketing?
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  3. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Lucian BitterStrawberry Affiliate affiliate

    I feel for you, because I'm exactly the same whenever I need to sell something/promote something. If I don't believe in it/wouldn't buy it, then it's not something I can push forward.

    HOWEVER, your goal is key. If your goal is to make 1mil USD in 1 year and the only way you can get there is by making lists, you need to determine if your principle is more important or your goal. It's psychological, really.

    To be a bit more ON-TOPIC, I don't have that much experience in e-mail marketing, but I don't think there's any other way than with lists, from what I've read on the forum. So I would suggest you imagine this is the only way and think what you would do. Because if you decide to try it this way and something better comes along, it's like a bonus for you ;)
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