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  1. Jungletap

    Jungletap Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Jungletap submitted a new resource:

    Jungletap - CPI mobile network

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  2. terraleads
  3. Asaf

    Asaf Affiliate affiliate

    We are glad to work with Jungletap. We never faced traffic issues with them; the team is always supportive and open to optimizations

    Asaf- Mobiklix
  4. mimika228

    mimika228 Affiliate affiliate

    We've been working with JungleTap for 6 months already.
    We've never met any issues with them. I'm sorry, due to our company policy, I can't disclose any numbers that we've made with JungleTap so far, but I can tell you that they've become one of our top affiliate partners.
    As you know, today there are not so many reliable partners, but you can be sure, that JungleTap are the the guys you can deal with!
  5. Ekaterina Kuzmina

    Ekaterina Kuzmina Affiliate affiliate

    The company is really reliable. But lately I'm surprised by the delays in payments. In the end of 2016 there was a delay of 6-7 weeks. I waited for payments. Just like it would become good. One payment came on time. And now (March-April) - One invoice (May) -the second invoice at the moment on July 18, 2017 is not paid. And even there are no exact dates or less certain payment dates for invoices. One does not know when. The adverts you pay on time, but we still can not have pubs Get them

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