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Join the Gibberish Thread - Drive Traffic with Overture

Linda Buquet

This just keeps cracking me up, so I thought I would post part of it here.
Someone posted this over at Bumpzee and we've been having a little fun with it. Copying it here to continue the fun because it may just get deleted over there. I'm not sure if this is machine generated text, a bad translation attempt or just a troll. But this is what someone posted:

Subject: How to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Overture

In online advertiseing cliption like associate advertiseing, no traffic means no cliptions. That?s the dispute why most associates or webmasters simply explosive out even big bucks just to get top rankings on the quest engines. Once you are clipting a result or repair in you web page, you must to have more holidayors that can be ability clients to your outcome and repairs. This is one of the fundamental policy to result in online advertiseing cliption. Here, you just must to boon and get it right and you can do some clothes incorrect but still control to result. Don?t ever try to get it incorrect because no issue how hard you work, you can never find manually on the way to victory."
WHAT??? :p

Trust replied: "I had some cliptions that some holidayors stole from me. But they were simply the explosive cliptions and when then tried to boon with them they had an incorrect victory. It's because America doesn't have enough maps, like Iraq or South Africa has. But that should be better once Overture repairs the cliptors on my web pages. Thoughts?"

CaymanHost, a 5 Star member replied: "I couldn't agree more. I'm going out for a ride in my quest engine now because I just must to boon or I'll be in trouble with all those cliptors."

Then I said: "I don't often admit it - but my cliptor's a maniac. When she get explosive out even big bucks the quest engines run. Just even incorrect clothes can't control her broad subject so watch ur pages or she'll cliption and pasted it to double content penalty boon."

BeFree another 5 Star member said:
"What is South Africa? My cliptor says that explosives aren't explosive unless the flux capacitor is engaged. I ran out of Plutonium again ... well i guess if use my special edition cliption then I should still win that three legged dog"

I have no idea why I got such a kick writing my little reply, but I cracked myself up! :p

Your turn! What do you have to say about that??? :D


What is that? I kind of needed a laugh?Thanks! I really like the Don?t with the question mark before the T. Don?t From now on thats the way I will spell don?t. ooops don?t.


New Member
JamesOmdahl: At least you all have cliptions to boon. My advertiseing cliption were taken to the Iraq and never returned. My explosive out hopes is there way to victory will be through outcome and repairs to the known cliptor. It's just like a mini-mall, hey hey.

ChrisSanderson: I read the feedback before i read the post and my first thought was, "Okay.... what did I miss", followed by "Right....who's been sniffing too much of their kitty litter!". After reading the actual post I am glad to say that it all now makes perfect sense and I feel like I'm part of an elite group of Cliptonite users! Watch out widgets it's Cliptor time.

I think the poster got it from this page. There's a *lot* more cliption stuff there!!! It looks like the admin was drunk when he made the post!!!! :D