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Selling Traffic It's Cold Outside But Our Dating Traffic is HOT!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Trellian, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Trellian

    Trellian High Converting CPC Traffic Since 2008 affiliate

    It's Dating Season & Online Dating is a Billion Dollar Industry!

    Since 2008, Trellian has provided affiliate marketers with zero-click domain traffic in all verticals and from over 200 countries. Our CPV real-time bidding platform gives advertisers full control of keyword and RON campaigns using desktop, mobile, and other targeting options. Stay up to date with the hottest traffic trends here

    ➤➤To broaden your reach, select "dating" as a run-of-category campaign or refine your campaign by choosing specific keywords.
    Online Dating ♥ Personals ♥ Senior Dating ♥ Singles ♥ Couple ♥ Christian Dating ♥ Speed Dating ♥ Chat Room ♥ Lonely

    ➤➤We have a wide range of adult dating traffic available. Try the keywords below or contact an account manager for more specific suggestions.
    Adult Dating ✘ Casual Dating ✘ Hookups ✘ Cougar Dating ✘ Escorts ✘ Swingers

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    • Travel, Credit Repair, Health Insurance, Adult, Online Gambling, Background Checks, Digital Currency, Weight Loss, Home Improvement, Games, Entertainment, eCommerce, and Education!
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  2. Voluum