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It's Christmas Time For Copywriting?

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Joseph Ratliff, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Joseph Ratliff

    Joseph Ratliff <b>5 Star Success Guru</b> affiliate

    That's right folks...

    Christmas time for copywriting.

    My name is Joseph Ratliff. I am a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. You may have seen my blog, The Profitable Business Edge 2, but if you haven't...it is located here The Profitable Business Edge 2™ .

    Chock full of free goodies and information in pursuit of your goals of making money and enjoying life.


    Many times, I am sought out to write copy for marketing campaigns, autoresponder series, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, sales letters, etc...

    Well, now it's Christmas time. I am going to put my copy "on sale" for the remainder of the year through this ad...until I am booked solid that is. :)

    I cannot get into specific pricing here in this ad, as each project is different and there is no way to establish a baseline for these services effectively.

    So...what I will tell you is, if you are interested in gaining access to a professional writer that perhaps you have not been able to afford up to this point...or if you just want to save a little cash-o-la and gain a bigger return on investment...this is the only time I will offer this discount. Until December 31st, 2007...or until I am fully booked (whichever comes first)...

    I am going to offer a 50% discount on my services. This is a true discount, nothing tricky where I will be marking up my rates and backing off the price or anything.

    As a qualifier though, this offer is not intended for those that are looking for "sweatshop" copy rates like those offered on the freelance job sites. If you are not prepared to invest at least $250 in your campaign, do not respond to this ad.

    To respond to this ad:
    Send an email to joe at josephratliff.name with light project details and marketing budget, to which I will respond promptly (within 24 hours). Or call my office at 360-289-0266.
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