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Its a Pleasure to be with You all. This Forum Will be Invaluable To my Project


Its indeed a pleasure to be a member of this forum and I really hope I'd make good friends here and I believe I would gain a lot here.

I am a website designer from Nigeria and I am very passionate about becoming a high income affiliate marketer. I also have project I am working to help people in my city of residence (Benin City, Nigeria) to earn good income from the net.The project is a medium where I practically train people on Affiliate Marketing so because of this I would appreciate as much help from you all to succeed .Thank you


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Welcome to 5 Star, samo.

It is a pleasure to have you as a member.

This is a friendly community so you should meet lots of new friends.

It is also a helpful community. 5 Star members are willing to give you answers when you need them.

I hope being a 5 Star member will benefit you.

Linda Buquet

Hi samo,

Welcome to 5 Star. It's great that you have made it a project to help
people in your community learn affiliate marketing.

You should find the sticky threads in the newbie forum helpful for starters
and ask questions when you have some.