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Is Posting Less Frequently Better?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Smithee, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    The more content you have the more likely it will be found by search engines, right? So logically if you post more frequently you are likely to get more traffic? Maybe.

    There are some blogging "experts" who favor posting less frequently because:

    - If a blogger posts content less frequently, they'll spend more time creating it and because it will be on the front page longer they'll want it to be quality content.

    - None of your readers will miss a post because the blog won't be updated for some time. Why post more frequently when some of the articles, videos, etc you post may not be seen at all?

    - You'll have more time to promote your blog which in return will drive more traffic to your blog.

    What do you think?
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  3. Cavalier0754

    Cavalier0754 Guest

    In my opinion posting less articles of a higher quality is better to build up a group of readers then throwing out 3 - 4 rubbish articles every week.

    I quickly stop reading blogs which throw out loads of average content due to them taking up too much of my time.
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  4. Steve Mark

    Steve Mark Affiliate affiliate

    you all are right but if we not post blog frequently google not indexed our link in short time so. so better is post main content and then post small content which is branch of the main post.
  5. Cavalier0754

    Cavalier0754 Guest

    As long as it's off the same quality as the original post then shorter posts around that topic are fine.

    At work if we find a decent blog with good articles we send out an email blast to the relevant teams letting them know about the blog, a blast to 800 - 200,000 people is a lot better then a google link
  6. terryse

    terryse Affiliate affiliate

    More content is always better as each post added has a potential to lead to more traffic, more page to generate incoming links.
  7. wow_leona

    wow_leona Affiliate affiliate

    Quality over quantity - it's a golden rule. Post as many articles as you want but remember, you should use a high quality content ONLY :)
  8. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    Yes Quality trumps quantity every time
  9. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    Personally, I would rather write one article a week that is high quality than write seven articles a week that doesn't even equate to good quality. When you have ample time to write an article, you are able to think about it thoroughly. You can make it a high quality article because you don't have a deadline to meet. You have a full week to research on it and make it as informative as possible.

    And with that, you are also able to promote it accordingly. You can go through social media sites, similar blogs and the likes to promote your article. You won't have many articles but no readers simply because you cannot promote them.
  10. Nan

    Nan Affiliate affiliate

    Quality over quantity, obviously! But if you can crank out several high quality pieces of content (videos, photos, articles/blog posts) in a week? More power to you!

    One thing that's going to help you more than quantity is consistency. Consistent, focused and on-subject creative content is a heck of a lot better than two blog posts one week, none the next, three the week after that and all on different subjects or just random 'life' stuff (unless it's a lifestyle blog). Especially if you have a niche blog. Staying on topic is key. :)
  11. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate

    Whether a blog is starting out, been at it for a while, or has a long history behind it – one thing is clear, its success is dependent on the quality of each post. People don’t line up to subscribe to a blog because it’s spitting out three posts a day.

    1. More posts mean less scrutiny

    Your ideas are finite. By posting less often you can select those ideas that are best, and leave the lackluster ones to germinate or be disposed of. Having a quota of posts you’re adamant about keeping can cause mediocre content to surface.

    2. Posts improve with time

    When you can keep coming back to a piece of writing over more than a day, it almost always gets better. You see things you didn’t see when you first thought you were done. You also find additional ideas to add, making your material that much more compelling.

    3. Subscribers read many blogs

    Most people who read blogs are subscribed to so many, they are likely to miss some of your posts if you post too frequently. Give your readers an opportunity to consume all your writing.

    4. Your blog is judged by the front page

    The most influential aspect of your blog is what’s sitting on the front page. Some people do look through archives, many don’t. By having a little more time to spend with your writing, you ensure that what’s on the cover gives new visitors the greatest incentive to subscribe.

    5. Generate more comments with less frequency

    If a post stays up on your front page for more than 24 hours, you’re in a far better position to accumulate comments. Comments are valuable because they make your blog look active, creating an additional reason for newcomers to subscribe.

    6. More time to guest post

    The number one way to grow a blog is to post on other popular blogs. If you have a strict schedule of prolific posting – it will be harder to find time to guest post.

    7. Readers do not unsubscribe from too few posts

    How many posts you publish should be low on the list of things to worry about, particularly if you’re getting one solid post out a week. What should be very high, however, is refraining from writing material that isn’t inspiring. That’s the real reason people unsubscribe from blogs.
    Via Writetodone.com
  12. Localnode

    Localnode Affiliate affiliate

    I've been told 2 a month is usually the best.
    I aim for 1 a month, I spend a great deal of time writing a post, editing it and making sure it's quality content.

    Of course, quality over quantity.
  13. Webliquids

    Webliquids Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think so... Very Less Frequent posting will bring your traffic down.
  14. Onionman

    Onionman Affiliate affiliate

    For me, I've always assumed it's all about quality first before quantity, but quantity is important as well. So I'm hoping for a happy medium - I've seen the comment about doing 2 a month and I might start looking at that as one of my gauges going forward. As long as I create value, I'll be happy.
  15. rz3300

    rz3300 Affiliate affiliate

    I actually attended a little seminar last week where the presenter was talking about this very issue for his site, and he was arguing that you should have new content every day, every hour if possible. His whole thing was that in a flow of information so little gets absorbed, so you need to increase the chances for absorption which means more content. I am not sure how much I buy into it, but it was an interesting perspective.
  16. Jim Moriarty95

    Jim Moriarty95 Affiliate affiliate

    Actually, it's depending on your niche and your audience expectation. Suppose if you have entertainment site then you have to post 10x more than any other. But remember always content is better.
  17. Tarini

    Tarini Affiliate affiliate

    no its not a good idea. posting less frequently surely drop down your traffic
  18. olbond

    olbond Affiliate affiliate

    Post less post of higher quality
  19. SunFix

    SunFix Affiliate affiliate

    Quality sometime better than quantity. Quantity of articles maintain as you want but remember, you should use a high quality content for sustain viewer.
  20. Samantha Todd

    Samantha Todd Affiliate affiliate

    I think the key is to be consistent in your posting, if you aim for a certain time period e.g once a week then stick to that as much as possible. That way people know when a post is coming and it encourages them to come back more often. But Neglecting your blog for months or years is bad.