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Is Google AdWords worth trying


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My name is Scot from good old England......I have been hearing alot about affiliate marketing. Google adwords keeps popping up and I read success stories as well as horror ones as well.

I also read that google has and keeps moving the goal posts.....Do you think this is an area worth pursuing...or have a missed the boat on this one.

All comments are welcome

Anyway that?s me.




Hi Scot and welcome to the forum.

Whether Google AdWords is worth pursuing is dependent on what you plan to promote. Google has made some policy changes which threw some Google Cashers for a loop (that is where some horror stories come from) and others simply didn't have a good understanding of the system so they ended up losing lots of money (that's where the other horror stories come from).

However, if you have a great landing page/product that converts very well and you can find the sweet spot in AdWords, then I'd say it's worth it. My advice is that you be very careful and you keep a close eye on your campaigns.

~ Teli


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adwords is like crack for me. My first and only ad I put on there on the first day converted amazingly and made me 15 bucks in commissions. I know it doesnt sound like a lot but it was just a tester and i only spent like a dollar on the clicks in total. Then after that I was excited so I upgraded to standard and starting trying other campaigns. I haven't even come close yet in conversions. So far its only been 2 weeks but I've spent 40 bucks on advertising and have 21 bucks in my CJ account. I feel like an addicted gambler "only one of those mortgage apps has to convert and I'll be back in black" but it never seems to happen. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Part of me thinks I'm not spending enough daily but I'm not at a point where I can spend 30 bucks a day on advertising. I'm more comfortable with 10 bucks. That makes it difficult though when you have google telling you to increase your keyword bids to $1.10 or higher. I get the feeling it was better a few years ago and I may have missed the boat on this one.