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Irritating, and full of themselves Super Affiliates

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by ayushpant, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate


    Just a general discussion. I've come across some great super affiliates who are focussed on providing valuable information, advice, and go out of their way to help people like us who are still somewhat novices in this area. Through their blogs, sites they show us their thoughts/ideas/tips to make us succeed in affiliate marketing. And, yet they are very humble, and focussed on providing information than going out of their way to just brag about themselves.

    But, there are some affiliates who do nothing but just brag about themselves. Their blogs are filled with I did this today, I did that today. I now have a Amex black card, now I am sitting and writing this from presidential lounge of some airlines, I am going for a 6 month long vacation with my girlfriend. I went to this round table meeting where all of us discussed super super secret stuff that I can't discuss with any of you guys. May be I'll throw tid bits of unimportant information here and there on my blog so that you hungry dogs can grab it.

    Excuse me, but I am quiet not very happy with such people. I have no respect for such people whatsoever who are just bragging about themselves and just telling the world that I did this, I did that, and then "Oh - I can't share it with you".

    For god sake, this is affiliate marketing not rocket science. All it takes is some common sense, and hard work to succeed. There is no way any one should be discouraged or think that they are losing out on anything by reading such crap blogs of people doing nothing but just bragging and indirectly discouraging all of us. If such people had their way, they would never let anyone enter into affiliate marketing except their so called super secret circle.

    Wake up people!!!! There are no secrets. Everything is right in front of you. Just do it right, and you are on your way to beating that secret circle in their own game!!!

    But, for every such braggart affiliate out there, the answer is 5 star forum, and other people like Jeremy Palmer who go all out to help people like us.

    I do understand that super affiliates obviously need to share their success levels. But, how much is too much? Do we really give a damn about their daily lives? Jeremy Palmer is the man whom I respect the most. He has maintained a very perfect balance in terms of proving to us that he is successful, yet not going overboard about it. There are people whom are not even half of what he is, and they are all going gaga over their daily lives. Damn, I am irritated.

    I am sorry, I couldn't hold it anymore. I have the right to express my opinion. Every time I read such posts, it just angers me.
  2. newbidder
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    I hear you and agree to some extent Ayush.
    However to a degree for some affiliates hearing those braggert success stories is motivational and lets them know what can be achieved.

    The thing that really bugs me is the ones that have the "rich jerk" type of personalities and just act like jerks when they flaunt their successes.

    So now that you have vented (and rightly so)
    Let's turn this thread into a positive.

    You mentioned Jeremy Palmer as a super affiliate that's truly invested in help others. I agree.
    FYI He's also a member here, so I hope this brings him back to post.

    Lets talk about and give some LINK LOVE to other Super Affiliates
    that "blog to help" and share their tips and secrets.

    One of my favorites is Amit Meta from <a href="http://www.superaffiliatemindset.com/">Super Affiliate Mindset</a>. He's a super successful PPC affiliate who shares in detail on his blog, tips that he uses in his business.

    I have some others I'll post in a bit.
    What about you??? Who do you like?
  4. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Linda,

    I really didn't mean to be negative in my post. Just wanted to share something that I strongly feel about. Coming back to the favorite affiliates. I really don't have any except Jeremy Palmer and 5 star forum (which is really not an affiliate).

    Of course, you know how much I appreciate you and Larry. So my link love is right here on this forum. I am starting my own affiliate blog/site very soon and 5 star is on the top of my list for the places to look out for genuine information.

    I have huge respect for Jeremy as I started with his eBook, and I got a very good start because of his eBook. After all, I was referred to 5 star through Jeremy's eBook only.

    Besides, in this forum I like Andrew Wee a lot, and even the oregan coast guy used to be an active member, not sure if he is still active now.
  5. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Andrew is one of the next ones I was going to mention.
    Affiliates should check out his blog at www.WhoisAndrewWee.com for some great tips.

    And yes oregon coast guy is still active here. I really like his posts too.
  6. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    Garsk, ma`am, I'm all a'blusin! ;)

    I love people like Jeremy Palmer, Ken Evoy (my hero!) and Jeremy Schoemaker. They're aces in my book! I just recently picked up, "The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords," by Perry Marshall and am liking the way he comes across as well.

    I love to share what has worked for me. I am just a normal dude that has gotten tired of making someone else rich. I know I'm not alone and really enjoy helping others get out of that spot. It's not an enjoyable place to be and we should all be singing, "FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I'M FREE AT LAST!" ;) If I can help someone by sharing what I've learned, I'm all for that!

    I will never, ever promote a service or product that I have not used and find to be either stellar or very helpful. My integrity is on the line. If I can make a buck while I promote the stuff, there is nothing wrong with that and there is no shame to be had. We're all into this marketing game and web building to make money. The difference is that I would never promote anything for the sake of making a commission. That to me is dishonest and lame.

    I love to share what my business is doing. Not for that sake of showing off (let me make $4,000,000 a month. THEN I'll show off! hehe. j/k). I share to show that it is possible and I have proof to back up my claims.

    Thanks, Linda and Ayush, for the vote of confidence. You both made my day! ;)
  7. JAmieF

    JAmieF Affiliate affiliate

    Andrew is awesome! I meet him at the ASW and he is a friendly and all round nice guy.

    I am also fan of Teli's post too.
  8. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    LOL, totally off-topic, but when I read that, my mind immediately flashed to Maya Angelou reciting Phenomenal Woman. (No, not calling you a woman or anything.)


    Well said and I agree 100%. Funny though, it's a belief I've held since I set foot online, not just something that I learned over time -- it was natural. So, it's surprising to me that some people don't get it and will promote anything under the sun no matter what.

    Sometimes I think those people are just in it for the short term, or they spend a great deal of their time coming up with alternate business plans when everyone unsubs from their feed or newsletter due to too much promoting and not enough info-sharing.

    Eventually, I like to believe that every learns that there needs to be a balance. Like Seth Godin says, "Turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salesmen." (Or something like that.) If you focus on helping strangers, they eventually become your friends, customers, and sales team. Can't go wrong with that. LOL

    And Jamie, thank you. Glad you're enjoying my posts. :D

    ~ Teli
  9. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate

    Good one...and this can be only achieved when you are genuine with your customers and go out of your way, and push yourself to not only meet but exceed their expectations...
  10. niche1

    niche1 Affiliate affiliate

    Integrity is a tough one.

    I had the real easy way into the big time and because I would not short-change my customers, I parted with one of the "big boys" in the Internet Marketing world.

    I put myself in the customer's place.

    The guru was did not seem concerned with that aspect.

    Even though the subject is about super affiliates (actually this person is a super affiliate/guru), I thought my story was on topic.

    Actually I was very disappointed in this individual. I had held them in high regard.

    Have I paid the price in terms of loss of money from sticking to my principles?


    Would I still do the same thing today?

    You betcha!

    Luckily, not all of the super affiliates/gurus are jerks. I have found many to be helpful and not full of themselves.

    Never compromise your integrity. Your name and reputation are everything on the internet!

  11. andreww

    andreww Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi Linda, Jamie, Ayush,
    Thanks for the compliments, I'm really just a regular guy...

    There are two types of people in general:
    1) Those who use themself as a benchmark, like Ayush and hold themself to a high standard and strive to achieve and exceed their standard.

    Probably seeing someone else talk about black cards or go on 6 month holidays would irritate you because you are your own best and worst competitors, and you might think that some dude talking about buying a new BMW with it's own satelitte dish and microwave oven is a bunch of hot air.

    There there's the Type A's, the ultra-compettive Larry Ellisons of the world who are out to "kill everyone".

    When they read about platinum, black and diamond or whatever cards, it gets their goat and they do everything they can to beat or exceed those guys.

    Ok, then there's the third kind, the really nice people. But er, since I'm not really a nice person, I can't really say much here.


    I think I have a combination of the first and second personality types.

    I think it's fun to hear about some porn affiliate going to a showroom and buying the Ferrari 355 in a couple of different colors because they like the blue, the red and the blue.

    Maybe it's because of my creative writing background, but it becomes fodder for my sales letters, or becomes an anecdote to my consulting clients.

    From my NLP background, I'd say that what happens in life is:

    Event -> Your Perception -> Result

    Events are neutral, there's no value to it. It's neither "good" or "bad", it just is. The google slap, an IRS audit, a speeding ticket, a lottery win, a massively successful PPC campaign, these are all value neutral events.

    Your perception is the most important part of this game. You can see winning a $1m lottery as a chance to pay off debt, you might see it as a risk and kidnappers and relatives soon asking you for handouts.

    Your perception is what shapes how you think and how you feel about the event. And your perception is what determines what action you take.

    Do you get mad? Do you get even? Do you take a "lesson learned" from this.

    If you've seen my other post about getting commission slapped by a merchant, I take it as a fact of life. I've had good campaigns, I've also been slimed and swindled before, the thing is I pick myself up and keep moving forward.

    Like Jack says "Your name and reputation are everything on the internet!"

    And the other thing I've found to be true is: "The cream always rises to the top."
  12. fitnfree

    fitnfree Affiliate affiliate

    I don't care for the braggert types, either. Just get me to the meat and potatoes...skip all the Hors D'Oeuvres! ;) I don't mind if they mention how "GREAT" they've done, but if it's overkill, I just 86 them as another blow-hard and move on.

    I've learned thru life that the old saying, "He who brags ain't got ____ ) is quite true...

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