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Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by siamsot, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. siamsot

    siamsot Affiliate affiliate

    Has anyone made any investments online? I intend to invest a small amount, about 100 euros and I can't find a trustworthy site. I've heard of eToro but I don't know if it's trustworthy. Do you know any?
  2. ytz
  3. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    I have never made any investments whether it's membership, or a site that requires you to pay to earn something such as PTC sites. I'm very careful when I use my money online, I don't want to be wasting it on stuff that I won't use in the future, for example, there are people who invested a lot of money on binary options, or forex which ended up in them getting completely scammed. They must have wasted thousands of dollars, and this goes the same for PTC websites. The gold memberships usually cost $700+ and I see many people who actually buy it. They are earning nowhere enough to earn back what they invested, it will take at least 1-2 years for them to earn it back.
  4. siamsot

    siamsot Affiliate affiliate

    No, no. I am not talking about investing in PTC sites. I mean investing in real stocks in the real tranfer market. But because I don't have the economics knowledge to know where to invest, I was wondering if there were sites that suggest to you where to invest and take a small percentage of the profits or something like that.
  5. davidj212

    davidj212 Affiliate affiliate

    You have to be extremely careful when it comes to investing your money online! I currently invest money into a PTC program, known as Neobux. It has been around for a couple of years now, and has always paid it's members out on time, and even better the payments are instant! I first started about three years ago, but the hard work paid off because I am now making an extra $2,000 a month from just that site. I absolutely love Neobux and I highly recoomend it if your looking to invest online. I will warn you though, it's going to take time and lot's of patience, before you make any money whatsoever!
  6. Nixon Marcion

    Nixon Marcion Affiliate affiliate


    I can say etoro is very good because I personally know people who make money on etoror but it requires a lot of learning and training. You can trust a trader by copying his or her trade but you may make less profit, but it is a very good form of revenue to have. This website is legit.
  7. gigiBontam

    gigiBontam Affiliate affiliate

    I used to have an online investment account with Zecco online. This was before they merged with TradeKing however. I know they have a bunch of free stock trading tools that will help you learn to maximize your investment online. These tools alone usually come with a nominal fee or a top tier membership is required. I am shocked everyone does not do there investments there.
  8. Kristy

    Kristy Affiliate affiliate

    I don't know much about investing but I came across etoro a while back. I searched to see if anyone had any success with it and I found this guy's page http://andrewminalto.com/easy-money/

    I have no idea how legit it is or anything like that but he claims to have made good money and he has a strategy and everything (and if I recall he isn't selling anything, I think all the info is there for free).
  9. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    I would be very careful if I was going to invest money online. Do a thorough background research of the site before investing any money. Stock market dealings are no doubt a lucrative way to earn, but anything virtual, and you have to have your scam-detection radars out.

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