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Interesting facts about the main 3 search engines

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by mattcook620, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. mattcook620

    mattcook620 New Member

    This is some info I find quite interesting...

    In general different people use different search engines.

    Google- People using google are just looking for simplicity.

    Yahoo- These people are more entertainment oreiented. These people are interested in celebrities, new, movies and music.

    MSN- A more refinded user. These people tend to be a little more advanced on the internet and with their searches for information.

    I don't really know how this would help you, but It is interesting and this may spark a great idea.

  2. newbidder
  3. jcorkern

    jcorkern <b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</ Administrator

    that is an insightfull post, and it is very factual and something that most do not know or understand.. It is little known that E-Commerce sites do really well in MSN and there is good reason for it

    the other field MSN excells in is *orn. Yep, its that nasty word. But again, there is reason for it.

    Lets cover MSn first. The reason they do so well in these fields is because most people who use msn are usualy first time users or more mature users. Let me explain. The first time computer owner buys a computer and the homepage is set by default to MSn because of microsoft windows. So, the new user male surfs dirty pics and the young female wants to go shopping.

    The more "refined" people you speak of are generaly older than 45 and have very little computer experience. and they have disposable income to spend. They buy gifts for kids and grand kids online and can have it shipped directly to out of state relatives.

    Yahoo used to be the "official king" and are generaly the older internet users from the 90's. These people are not the teckie types, they just enjoy the net for the diversity. They do prefer the entertainment. and if you researched stats, you would see that they do spend, but just on a lot of entertainment stuff. like camcorders, ipods, computers, car upgrades, stereo's, and gambling sites.

    Google has 2 different dominate users. This is the high teck group.

    They are dominated by internet marketing. RPGs, Web Design, Software, Business and other more modern information, services and software. There is also state of the art houshold appliances and real estate(they share mostly with yahoo).

    And these are the basic areas of the 3 majors.

    This is important information for affiliate marketers. If you are marketing figurines, your best producing site just might be MSN, Software would be google. and an online game would more than likely be google,

    I get a lot of traffic from all three, but specificaly targeting some, for some products and services is a good i dea for a first target to get a quicker roi.

    mattcook620 Great post.
  4. Adulu

    Adulu Affiliate affiliate

    Strange, my site have lots of entertainment content therefore yahoo shuld give me some keywords ranking but autully only a few vistitor per day.
    I didn't like yahoo.:(
  5. jcorkern

    jcorkern <b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</ Administrator

    it is not the content that makes you rank in any search engine, it is 80% links. But if you get that type of site up in yahoo, you will get better results(conversions) from that particular engine.
  6. Adulu

    Adulu Affiliate affiliate

    You are right!, Actually my link buiding on webmaster forum.
    Maybe this was why yahoo didn't like me at all.
  7. beamup

    beamup Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting, POV. as for me and mostly, I get 80% traffic from Google.
  8. OnlineDownloads

    OnlineDownloads Affiliate affiliate

    I guess entertainment lovers prefer yahoo.
  9. iceforever.diamonds

    iceforever.diamonds New Member

    i guess that is only about people's own observation, they only based it on how the search engine design their homepage... i think it is only a search engines' strategy on how to attract their visitor and to look more reliable...
  10. jcorkern

    jcorkern <b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</ Administrator

    nope, that is not it. search engines, like anything else in the world has demographics.

    Example: if you run a T.V. commercial for bad credit car loans, what show would you run the commercial on, Jerry springer, or ABC News at 6???

    I would run jerry springer, because the demographics say that a higher % of jerry springers viewers have bad credit than the viewers of the news.

    Advertising always has shown demographics to better target your target audience.

    There is also differences between the news networks.

    MSNBC's viewers tent to lean more to the democratic side and FOX to the republican side.

    So, if you are trying to sell a product about Texas Bar-B-Q i would choose FOX network. They tend to be more viewers from southern states and TEXAS, where Bush lives ect...

    If i was selling or pushing New York Pizza, I would rather MSNBC, because they have a higher % of viewers than FOX from new york.

    Search engines are no different.

    They each have different viewers and preferences, different income levels, interest, credit ect....

    Just like any other media.

    Just common sense.
  11. airtrance

    airtrance Affiliate affiliate

    I think most of people then look for simplicity then.
    I agree with the definition that you have implied accordingly to SE.
    Very Interesting!

  12. PosterManiac

    PosterManiac Affiliate affiliate

    Google is all the way up. I agree, Yahoo and MSN is all the way up for entertainment.
  13. learningwords

    learningwords Affiliate affiliate

    Well, IMO, Google has topped among all the rest. Because of its functionality and usability


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