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Interested on paying more then Adsense to your Adsense spots on your sites

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by ttezgel, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. ttezgel

    ttezgel Affiliate affiliate


    The topic is easy and simple. I am looking for publishers that have Tier one based traffic (US / UK / DE / CH / FR / ES) etc. I am only interested on the spots of adsense ads being published.

    Eventually I have better agreements with google as a network I can offer you more payout by publishing my adsense. Eventually you would not only be limited to be publishing my adsense codes but you will also have other advertisers being served withing my Adtags.

    Its simple if today you are earning from your adsense around 10 $ you would be starting to earn 15$ min from me. The basic logic is simple your revshare agreement with Google is different from ours.

    Eventually not only you would be serving Google ads you will be serving other ads from Global agencies that we have customers from like Mccan, Mindshare etc.

    Those are familliar to these names knows whats the potential I am talking about.

    You would have a panel to login and control daily.

    Net payouts are same just like google Net 30.

    In order to join the program you would have to send the NDA agreement provided from Google itself as you would have to accept it to join the system. So yes it is official and its Google forcing you to Agree that you allow your inventory to be served via us.

    Any questions ?

    Just let me know.

  2. newbidder

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