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Selling Innovative 4G / LTE Mobile proxies

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by airsocks, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. airsocks

    airsocks Affiliate affiliate

    Web-site: https:// airsocks.in/en

    Tired of dead proxy lists?
    Forget about it!
    Try our unique solution with admirable support! Try it for free!

    We offer truly unique solution.

    AIRSOCKS is a reliable advance service with proprietary software and hardware that simulate a typical web-site user’s behavior. Apart from traditional proxies we keep user’s information unexposed. Traditional anonymizing can't hold a candle to what we are offering!

    AIRSOCKS user is identified as a man constantly on the move, like a person that has been out for the trip to other part of a city.

    1. Guarantee
    — We keep track of all proxies, so they will never stop working at once!
    — If you have paid but found out in the middle of the process that our service is not right for you, we negotiate and COMPENSATE if necessary!
    — We are constantly evolving; be ready for 50 new features every week!

    2. Safety
    — We do not keep log of your traffic.
    — We have nothing to do with botnets and other illegal activities of proxy sellers.
    — It is 100% legal!
    —Our service is not identified as a proxy; servers sees you as an ordinary mobile user.
    —We block “black” traffic associated with carding and hacking!

    3. Saving
    —We run specials and offer discounts often, so watch the news not to miss them!
    —We have special offers for our regular customers.
    —Our services are the way more cost-effective than anything on the market, and we can prove that.
    --Our free support is absolutely unmatched!

    4. Speed
    —The speed of our proxies is higher than any traditional proxy and we provide the right speed for every task.
    —Our support works in all messengers as well as by e-mail, but we can provide standard FQ list! Visit our web-site to find out more!
    —We work with all major instant payment options.
    —You are getting an access right away!

    5. Common sense

    We are going to rid you off all the troubles connected with traditional proxies, and your results will multiply. We remain committed to all our promises and deliver customized solutions. We appreciate all our clients! Our dedication and commitment together with outstanding technical expertise are making us one of the best proxy services in Russia, and we strive to become one of the world’s leaders!

    One channel costs only 8.25$ a month!
    Eight channels (external IP-address changes every 2 minutes): 53.44$ / 2 weeks; 82.22$ / month.

    Visit our web-site or contact support to get price estimate.

    Earn with us! We have got a partner program!

    Contact information (we will answer any question):

    Web-site: https:// airsocks.in/en
    email: [email protected] airsocks.in
    Telegram: @airsocks
    Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334
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