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I'm Newbie - How to check on more than 3 keywords traffic

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by KarSin, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. KarSin

    KarSin Affiliate affiliate

    Dear All,

    Hello, everyone, I am a newbie from the east. I have been following through your forum for the past few weeks and thanks to all advices, it is great help!!!

    I have learned to use trial version of WordTracker (before deciding on daily or monthly subscription), and I have been checking traffic for many keywords, one down side is that when it comes to 3-4 keywords, it always return no result, does that mean those keywords has NO ONE SEARCH FOR IT or it just SIMPLY NO DATA?

    This is important because when everytime i thought i found a niche, it returns no result and my thought just gone drain. And this process repeat and kinda frustrating...

    Besides, is there better ways checking on keyword traffics (down to number of click received monthly/daily)?

    Hope you can help me ... great thanks!

  2. CPA Evolution
  3. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    sets of 3 keywords

    It means that the results are too few to let you know about.

    However, that doesn't mean don't use them!!!

    Using sets of 3 keywords is highly advisable!
  4. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Doesnt exactly answer your question but...

    If you don't need to do lots of continual KW research the tool at DigitalPoint is FREE and shows both WordTracker and Overture (YSM) results side by side.


    Note: After you do the image verification once you can do a bunch of KW queries, you don't have to do it again for each one.
  5. JAmieF

    JAmieF Affiliate affiliate

    Hi KS

    Have you applied for Google analytics? It is a great website metric tool.
  6. KarSin

    KarSin Affiliate affiliate

    Dear Friends,

    I have successfully identified a niche. It will be on sports area, initially will be surfing and snowboarding tools.

    I have created a website for this purpose. Please do pay a visit to www.seeealll.com for mockup. What I am going to do is that I am going to use adwords to lead traffic to this sites. So I guess main page is not needed at this moment.

    There are more problems that i encounter, hopefully you can advice.

    1) I used this page tried to apply for affiliate programs. however, I have been rejected for not meeting their criteria, most aff prog are from the US and finally one merchant from CJ accepted me, but because I am foreigner with no Tax ID, CJ will not pay me even I have earned the commission. (I guess this is the most frustrating process, not all sites are 'aliens' friendly .... ) should i apply a company in US instead?
    These are those i tried.

    Altrec.com -- Avantlink
    Dogfunk.com -- Commission Junction
    Backcountry.com -- Commission Junction
    Tactics.com -- LinkShare.com
    ParagonSports.com -- DataFeedFile.com / CJ.com
    rei.com -- CJ.com
    the-house.com -- Avantlink / CJ.com

    2) My page doesn't provide much content value this point of time, I have difficulty on its content. any idea?

    3) Do I infringed those site if I take their ratings for my own use?

    4) My site mainly constructed using table and not much text involve, i guess it will not be SE friendly? how should i go about this?

    Once again, you guys are great !!!!


    Kar Sin