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[IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by DavidHall, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. DavidHall

    DavidHall Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a how-to. This is NOT a casestudy. This is NOT me revealing a campaign. THIS IS NOT A GUIDE

    What is this post about?
    This will be a small post which will contain a bunch of loose ideas that MAY help you come up with better adult dating campaigns or at least get your creative juices flowing. This post won't actually teach you anything, all it will do is unlock a part of your brain you weren't using before. Ok, you'll learn my "consumer building" technique but that's about it...

    Firstly, Dating is NOT Adult Dating. The key word here is Adult, implying sex, hookups, casual encounters, affairs, bondage and other "adult" activities that to be legal must be acted out by two consenting adults - rarely are these people looking for love they just want NSA fun. Dating on the other hand is for the lonely souls that can't cope with being in this world by themselves, they need to meet someone to fall in love, hold hands and constantly spam the other persons Facebook wall with "I love you" messages.. Ok you get the point. ;)

    Is Dating a profitable niche? Dating is and will always be profitable for as long as humans require intimate relationships with other humans.

    Is Adult Dating a profitable niche? Adult Dating is and will always be profitable for as long as humans remain sexual beings and find other humans attractive.

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN....: For the purpose of this PART of the post I will refer only to targetting MALES. By this I mean you can apply these techniques to creating campaigns for adult dating offers that require a MALE to signup.

    I love to stereotype so I will write as if only guys are reading this (I checked CPAFIX on Alexa, it said 100% males so it must be true).. As a male you have a unique advantage, why? You know how guys think, what they like and other sick things that go on in their heads. You can exploit this knowledge and make a fuck load of money if you know how to target specific user sets and feed them what they are looking for. The visualisation excercise would be imagine a bunch of hungry dogs and chucking them meat, they will eat it up. < Keep reading this over and over again till it finally clicks - affiliate marketing is about identifying an audience and serving them relevant advertisements that they are interested in - you are an extended part of the advertisers marketing team, start thinking HARD about who is the main user of the service you are going to promote and then think hard about how you could "sell" to them. Marketing is "selling" not just putting random sentences on banners directed to landing pages - there is an ART to it, start really thinking hard about every action you do and your results should increase.

    1. NEVER GUESS who will like this and just throw up campaigns for the sake of it.
    2. DO YOUR RESEARCH using the standard methods of Google Ad Planner, Alexa, Quantcast, Compete and other research/campaign planning tools.
    3. EXTEND YOUR RESEARCH by signing up to the adult dating site yourself (if only for a free trial or one month) - harvest all the data you can scrape about specific users. Whilst everyone is "unique" in the world we also fit into very defined consumer groups like gloves based on our interests and other demographic information.

    Create a niche within a niche but don't over-complicate things. Over-complicating a campaign idea will mean you lose control. To take control i'll say it simply, for adult dating, think about fantasies and what people are looking for. From observing internet users (FORUMS, PORN HABITS, YAHOO ANSWERS, BLOG POSTS, ARTICLES) there are many needs/lusts/fantasies guys have, don't just rely on my findings - go out and do your own research so you REALLY UNDERSTAND THE NICHE. If this is going to make you money, you should learn everything about adult dating.


    For simplicities sake I will narrow this down to THREE extremes of what guys are looking for (there are of course more). For this I will keep it simple by referring to straight guys (M>F) - they either want to sleep with one of the THREE:

    1. TEEN (18+) - nothing needs to be said....
    2. YOUNG ADULT (24+) - slightly older than teen...
    3. MATURE (35+) - the milfs, cougars, young mums, soccer moms, blah blah blah....

    For your campaign select 1, 2 or 3. This will be your BASE POINT for the campaign niche. For this post I am going to keep it simple and go for 1) Teen (18+). Now I have a base point of Teen, i'm going to need to create a niche within this, time to move on to step 2, selecting a fantasy/desire.


    This is the secondary part of my own campaign creation technique. We need to think about a specific fantasy/desire the guys we are targetting might have about these teens, who are they specifically looking to "bang".

    We have our base point of Teen (18+) but now we need to think of the characteristics of this teen. We need to think about what type of Teen girl guys would actually be interested in. As a broad stereotype, guys like Teen (18+) that look like young college girls, super slim, big boobs and beach bodies. We could just settle for this as our "niche" but I want to awaken your senses to other possibilities too, this is where you can get super creative because there are tons of different girls out there within the 18+ range and to keep it simple i'll just stick to several characteristics.

    NOTE. This only works if you really know your traffic sources and are taking advantage of advanced targetting options. As a rule of thumb, try keep things that are appealing to a "broad" audience otherwise you may find super low CTR, especially if you are buying RON

    List of Charactertistics we can choose from to complete our "target":
    • Ethnicity (Black, Latino, Caucasian, Asian etc..)
    • Race (German, French, British, American, Spanish, Latin etc..)
    • Body Type (Petite, Tall, Skinny, BBW, Plump, Big Boobs, Small Ass, Small Boobs etc..)

    For this campaign i'm going to stick with my base point 1) Teen (18+) and then turn her/them into the following:
    Basepoint - Teen 18+
    Ethnicity - Caucasian
    Race - French
    Body Type - Slim

    Now, this isn't really a "niche" but it certainly is specific. I mean who doesn't like French girls... NEVER assume that everybody will be interested in your target. The reality in life is, you can never please everybody. The same rule applies to campaigns, not everyone is going to be interested in the campaign and won't click. Not everyone is going to be interested in French girls on a broad traffic source, especially if you are targetting random sites that are "latino porn" on JuicyAds. So you need to really know your traffic source and it's targetting capabilities. PoF could be good for this type of stuff.

    Now that we have our target we need to find images - this may be the HARDEST THING when you don't find this particular "niche" attractive in anyway, how the hell do you know what others will find attractive? Move on to STEP 3, Picking 'ATTRACTIVE' images for your landing pages and banners.

    STEP 3) Picking 'Attractive' Images.
    Most affiliates just choose random photos of girls, without really analysing if they are hot or not. Sometimes it's impossible because we personally don't find them attractive - so some of it's guess work OR even worse... just putting up what WE find attractive (facepalm).

    Images with showing any exposed part of a woman will guarantee clicks, whether you have good CTR or not will depend on how you build the advert but boobs = clicks. But as a rule of thumb this isn't enough, I want to get your creative juices flowing to come up with your own ways of finding out what's attractive to a "broad" audience.

    Firstly, this technique will require you going on porn sites, many people don't give a fuck and will be on a porn site right now anyway. But if you don't feel comfortable, I don't think adult dating is for you... for the rest of the willing porn addicts, continue with this post.

    Secondly, we want to find some examples of what guys fantasise/desire about this specific niche girl. We are going to FIND an example of someone who is physically attractive within this "niche" and use that as a basepoint for all our images to be of girls who look similar - whilst we might not necessarily take screenshots of the videos we find, it will help identify the types of girls that are found to be broadly attractive by guys.

    1) Go to a well known porn/tube site - (if you don't know what they are you are lieing to yourself)
    2) Use search to find our "niche" girl (remember? it was a SLIM, FRENCH, TEEN - type in "Slim French Teen" or other keywords until we find her)
    2) Use categories to find our "niche" girl (remember, she's FRENCH, SLIM and a TEEN - you may have to go to "Teen" and then search "French")
    3) Filter results by "highest rated" or "most viewed" (this will help us find what's broadly attractive)
    4) Click on videos with "hot" descriptions or "hot" images as thumbnails (if the thumbnail is predominantly of the girl, and has LOTS of views, you know she "might" be attractive - even if you think she's fucking ugly, REMEMBER, ATTRACTION IS SUBJECTIVE)
    5) Take screenshots of the girls face and body. (This is now your reference to finding more images LIKE HER on mysterious "image sources" *cough* Google Images, *cough* porn blogs *cough* steal from photos of "French" girls on PoF or other dating sites *cough* steal from your French friends Facebook *cough*)

    For extra insight into the physical attraction aspect, you should click on COMMENTS of the specific video and read them, see what parts guys find attractive, usually you'll have a few people reaching the same conclusion "oh man it was so hot at 04:35 when she did that thing with her mouth" - if lots of guys are commenting on points, take a screenshot of that specific "hot" action and include it in your BANNERS/LANDERS.

    Ok so you've started to gather images but now you'll also want to apply the "split-testing" of a characteristic technique, aka step 4.

    For this campaign i'm going to stick with my base point 1) Teen (18+) and then turn her/them into the following:
    Basepoint - Teen 18+
    Ethnicity - Caucasian
    Race - French
    Body Type - Slim

    I want to keep it fundamentally the same, but I am going to choose to rotate an Ethnicity (Black), Race (German) or Body Type (Plump) - i'll find more images based on STEP 3 technique and setup different banners.

    Effectively you could setup the campaign into different niches like this:
    CAMPAIGN ONE: (18+, Caucasian, French, Slim) vs (18+, Caucasian, French, Plump)
    CAMPAIGN TWO: (18+, Caucasian, French, Slim) vs (18+, Black, French, Slim)
    CAMAPAIGN THREE: (18+, Caucasian, French, Plump) vs (18+, Black, French, Plump)
    CAMPAIGN FOUR: (18+, Caucasian, French, Slim) vs (18+, Caucasian, German, Slim)

    Now you need to build your landing page/banners according to all of the above... This post is fucking long, I should have been working but I love procrastinating sometimes - move on to STEP 5) Language/Ad Copy - I won't go into it fully because I need to actually do work in a minute.

    STEP 5) Language.
    WARNING, HERE COMES SOME RUDE WORDS *NOT SAFE FOR WORK* - if your girlfriend/boyfriend is around, don't let them see this vulgarity.

    Mum, i'm sorry...

    Firstly, hooking up with people online is COMMON, people do it, no one will admit to it because of the social stigma attached to it. Some people are scared of people finding out they watch porn, so imagine what they'd do if people found out they were hooking up with people from the internet.

    You can choose to play on this "Fear/Emotion" - if you read Cashvertising, you'd know that this is one of the emotions - I understand fear so I choose to work on fear most of the time. Focus on a theme such as: "NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW ;)", "NOBODY WILL FIND OUT" - my favourite call to action is: "START YOUR DIRTY SECRET". You want to GET THE CONSUMER out of "watching porn" mode by using psychology. Go read a few books about the male pscyhology or attraction as this will help you learn words that can pull attention away. "STOP" is a good word, especially if it's followed with "STOP WANKING AND START DOING".

    Let's go back to our "niche". Okay so you need to write to appeal to the fantasy/desire. What do these guys do to these girls in the French porn videos you've been clicking on for "research"?...



    This wasn't a HOW TO OR A GUIDE.... it was just to expose your minds to think harder, hopefully you at least have ONE new idea - if so, my work here is done. For those who don't really know WHERE TO BEGIN - hopefully this will help you figure things out.

    FINAL TIP - if you are running a campaign internationally, focus on that countries "Race" as a primary campaign, you should do demographic RESEARCH about the country/population to see how many of that "Race"/"Ethnicity" are occupants....

    PEACE out guys

  2. terraleads
  3. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Re: [IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas

    Thanks for posting this. Was nice to chat with you...
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Re: [IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas

    Great post David and very informative....thank you.
  5. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Re: [IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas

    Awesome stuff David. Thank you :)
  6. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Re: [IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas

    Excellent post David, just shows you the endless possibilities if you open up your mind.
  7. nitroux

    nitroux Affiliate affiliate

    Re: [IDEAS: Adult Dating] - Struggling for adult dating campaign ideas

    Very helpful, thanks David.

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