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I Phone New Price Cut


So for those of you that purchased the iPhone for $600.00 I'm sure you had to be ****ed when you found out about the price cut! I heard that all they were doing for those who bought it at the original price is offering a $100 store credit to any Apple Store...

I was just wondering how you all feel about that?!


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There seems to be a little confusion over this depending upon where you get your information. I've seen a few things that indicate some people might actually get a $200 refund, provided they made the purchase within the past 2 weeks. Some might even be able to get a full refund. This is one people need to watch closely.

Here is an article that has more details on these credits and/or refunds for people who made iPhone purchases at a higher price Today @ PC World IPhone Owners Seeking Refund Told to "Sit Tight"