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I got suspended from Google Adwords

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by librarian, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. librarian

    librarian Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I got suspended from Google Adwords when I first started out before I understood how strict their policies were. Now the only way they MIGHT let me back is if I not only fix up one of my domains which I had intended to drop in favor of other pursuits, but also convince the owners of two other sites that I tried to promote using Adwords to fix their sites according to Google Adwords guidelines. Obviously even if I fix up my domain the way they want, it is quite unrealistic to think that I will be able to talk the owners of the two other domains into changing their sites just so some little guy like me trying to get a foot in the door in the affiliate marketing world can use Adwords. I wouldn't even know how to contact them and I am quite certain they are happy with their sites the way that they are as they are making good money with them, (they've been around for awhile). My question to the forum then is how important is Google Adwords to making a good career in affiliate marketing? What are some good or perhaps even better alternatives?
  2. terraleads
  3. Roundhouse

    Roundhouse Affiliate affiliate

    you are better off creating your own landing page instead of asking someone else to change theirs just because you want them to
  4. chintanshah

    chintanshah Affiliate affiliate

    Do not worry my friend. It has happened to everyone. There are like a million other sources. Think about alternatives.
    Shit happens.

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