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I am confused beginner..

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by leedavo, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. leedavo

    leedavo New Member

  2. Voluum
  3. lingstar

    lingstar Affiliate affiliate


    The first thing you need to ask yourself is:

    What is the problem I'm trying to solve?

    You want more traffic? That's wonderful....but what good would, say, 3000 more visitors be if they don't do what you want (ie, buy your product, click on an ad, optin for your mailing list, etc.)?

    Services are one thing....but getting conversions is quite another.

    I can probably give some good ideas once I know exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

    Best wishes,
  4. charlie_go2directads

    charlie_go2directads New Member

    with seo today..your best bet is to work on keeping fresh content on your sites and work on inbound links..Quality Inbound Links.. as far as ppc engines..stick with yahoo search marketing stay away from the smaller ppc's as they just don't get the same traffic...blogs..search for blogs relevant to your website send them comments with your link in the coment
  5. LifeofEgypt

    LifeofEgypt Guest

    Don't pay someone who is going to send you traffic that really isn't interested in your product. Generate your own traffic by promoting your site with PPC, offline advertising and forum posts. Good content articles seem to be the rage right now and have proven to be effective.

    Be sure to market your own domain, not some affiliate site.
  6. JustinHarrison

    JustinHarrison New Member

    There are many programs and services out there that promise you an endless supply of traffic, some of them affordable and some of them not so affordable.

    The real truth behind any traffic system that works is one that consistently delivers traffic that is interested in your product or service, anything less is a complete waste of time.

    If you are just starting out Pay per Click (PPC) in the major search engines is a good place to start, the obvious best place for traffic is free search and then Affiliate traffic can produce good results if the affiliates send good traffic.

    As a rule of thumb I would suggest staying away from traffic system or programs and realise the value that lies within traffic obtained from avenues where people ?actually are looking? for what you have to offer.
  7. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks so much Justin, LifeofEgypt, Charlie and Lingstar for weighing in and
    helping leedavo with your advice and insights.

    REALLY appreciate your community spirit!
  8. LonnyFX

    LonnyFX New Member

    Not sure about those networks, usually you'll see best CPC results from google or content related sites, Yahoo is also ok however a bit more expensive. You should look at kontera.com and intellitext.com for contextual advertising. As fas as the blogs are concerned I'd like to hear your answer about that as well :)