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HUGE Affiliate Manager Training Course

Linda Buquet

HUGE Manager Training Course & Free Report

<strong>"AM Classroom" Affiliate Manager Training Course - Coming June 27th</strong>
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Update: Anik just sent me one of the <a target="_new" href=""><strong>1st affiliate manager training courses</strong></a> to review. Wow it's huge! This looks like a top quality course. To the left is a picture of everything that's included.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Click here</a> to get the details and get a FREE REPORT. </strong> The report includes: 1) The 6 types of affiliates you can recruit. 2) A quick strategy to motivate your affiliates. 3) 3 most important ways to communicate with your affiliates and much more.


<strong>15 Hours of Audio Interviews</strong>
Affiliate Classroom has received some amazing contributions to the product from all of the following and even more!

<strong>- Rachel Honoway (Kowabunga)
- Lisa Riolo (Commission Junction)
- Liane Diatrich (LinkShare)
- Brian Littleton (ShareASale)
- Mike Filsaime (
- Shawn Collins (
- Linda Woods and Chris Sanderson (Partnercentric & AMWSO)
- and MANY more (too many to list). </strong>

<strong>4 Hours of DVD - "Affiliate Manager Boot Camp, January 2006"</strong>
This was a live event that Anik Singal ran the day after the Affiliate Summit and it was an enormous success. Those DVDs are in this product along with an entire workbook and all the slides.

<strong>10 Module Workbook</strong>
200+ pages that Affiliate Classroom has taken over 7 months to prepare. Basically everything and anything about building/managing affiliate programs.

<strong>6 Affiliate Manager Templates</strong> - Things like what to send your affiliates, how to run competitions, what e-mails to send to them...

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Click here</a> to get the details, the Free pre-launch report and launch updates.</strong>

Happy learning!

Linda Buquet

Managers IMPORTANT - New Affiliate Manager Training Just Launched

<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Manager - The 1st Edition</a> training course from the Affiliate Classroom just launched today so you can get the best training on the net about how to START and GROW a successful Affiliate Program. The <strong>15 pound affiliate manager training course</strong> from Anik Singal that I've been <a target="_new" href="">RAVING</a> about, really over-delivers and is a must have for both new and experienced affiliate managers that want to take their program to the next level of growth! See all the bonuses you get if you order today.
<center><strong> How to Build and Manage An Unstoppable Online Sales Force</strong>
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<strong>Anik just told me they are offering some amazing bonuses for those that order now. </strong>

* FREE Premium membership to
* FREE 1 Year Subscription to Revenue Magazine
* FREE Life-Time Upgrade
* The BEST of AC Magazine! < -- Never Released Before!
* Shawn Collin's AffStat Report 2005

If you're one of the first 200 to order, you also get a VERY limited bonus, a course that has never been sold and never WILL be sold - Only 200 copies will ever exist (world-wide)!

If you order between June 27th 12 PM ET and June 28th 12 PM ET, you will get FREE access to their 5 weeks of LIVE TeleSeminar Coaching Sessions!

Click here to get <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Manager - The 1st Edition</a> and all the 1st mover advantages & bonuses.