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How You Can Make (a Lot of) Money on Lottery Traffic

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Alexey Pearce, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Alexey Pearce

    Alexey Pearce Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    One of the most profitable sources of affiliate cooperation exists in the lottery field, and most affiliates are not even familiar with this simple & profitable option. Because they're just not aware of how lucrative this kind of affiliation really is. This is the time when it all changes for you, as an affiliate: Meet your lottery business opportunity.

    Why is Lottery Affiliation So Successful?
    First of all, the lottery is a simple game to market. Anybody can play it, anytime, anywhere. It's accessible and it doesn't require any facility, training or education. That's why there are so many people around the world who purchase tickets and play for the win, every day. Can you imagine the magnitude of your designated audience? It's huge.

    Mouth-Blowing Conversion Rate
    That's right, affiliation is about results, and results are presented in conversion rates. That is how you get paid eventually, so when you talk about this affiliation element in relation to the lottery, the sky is the limit.
    A lottery conversion rate is affected by the size of the jackpot. When it's big enough, let's say $500 million big, CR rises accordingly and can reach up to 25% - 50% in your favor!
    Cheap for the Customer, Profitable for the Affiliate
    The cheapest lottery ticket on our website costs €1.50, and the minimum amount that enables an affiliate conversion is €5.90. If you think about the number of lottery tickets which are bought every single day, you can do the math and realize how much money you can actually make for yourself through this speeding traffic. But wait, there's even more:

    How Do We Boost Up Your Conversions?
    Good of you to ask, after all, why should you team up with us you might wonder. Well, you can stop wondering, because we pad you up with multiple creative materials and promotions that expose our product and your service to a vast range of potential clients: Dynamic landing pages, designed mailers, pre-landings, s2s postback, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE bonuses, a 100% first deposit bonus of $500 and over. Oh, and there's a lot more where that comes from.

    WE INVITE YOU TO START MAKING SOME SERIOUS MONEY, THROUGH US, BY US: https://www.affiliatefix.com/resources/digital-blvd.2265/
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    Make money on lottery? It is unreal