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Ask Me Anything How to use chatGPT for SEO standard content articles? And is there any way to check the use of AI in SEO content?


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I'm looking for a solution to the problem of using AI for SEO content. Can anyone help me and how to check content using AI?
Dump some of the text into an AI and ask (prompt):

I want you to pattern detect and assess if a human or an AI entity wrote this:

Reply waffle waffle ...

  1. Pattern Recognition and Analysis: Based on pattern recognition, AI-generated text may sometimes exhibit repetitiveness, lack of depth in specifics, or slight incongruences in narrative flow. This text, however, is coherent, directly relevant to its topic, and smoothly transitions from promoting the success story to inviting the reader to engage with the service, indicating a structured and strategic approach often found in human writing.
Given these considerations, while it's possible for advanced AI to generate similar content, the strategic deployment of marketing techniques, the targeted call-to-action, and the nuanced encouragement suggest this text was likely written or at least carefully edited by a human, possibly leveraging AI tools for optimization. The human element seems to dominate in aligning the narrative to strategic marketing goals, which is a sophisticated task that currently aligns more closely with human capabilities in understanding audience engagement and conversion optimization.
The more I use ChatGPT4, the more I become familiar with its speaking patterns, so I think I have become a *Human AI Detector* by familiarity with the AI's output :D
To use ChatGPT to create SEO content, enter your keywords and article topic. Then use the model's responses to generate informative and unique text that is optimized for search queries. To test the use of AI in SEO content, you can use tools to analyze the uniqueness of the text and its structure, as well as audit the content for compliance with basic SEO principles.
Although using ChatGPT for SEO-standard content articles can be a tempting strategy, I don't think it will be efficient in the long run since it's easy to detect AI written text.