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How To Think Like A Prospect!


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Today we will learn how to "Think Like A Prospect".

Do you know why it is important to think like a prospect?
It determines you success in marketing, selling products
or recruting persons into your business. That is what we
all do. But do we really know how those we market, sell to
and recruit think?

A good friend of mine Paul Birdsall, gave me this from his
friend Tom "Big Al" Schreider, who has traveled the world
promoting his M-L-M business. He's discovered what prospects
consider most important in deciding on a company.

Rate these items yourself, from 1 to 10, most important
to least important.

I strongly encourage you to REALLY do this exercise.
Reply to this post and post your preference item list. It
will take maybe 5 minutes. In a few days, I'll give you the
REAL answers from prospects around the world.

And if you discover THEIR thinking is radically different
from YOUR thinking ... well, that could explain a lot!
One more thing: #1 in this poll won by a LANDSLIDE. Not
even close.

So it should be real easy for YOU, an M-L-M professional,
to get #1 right.


OK. Let's do it!
Get your pen. Here's the list:

* Company literature shown
* Marketing plan potential earnings
* Training provided
* Who gave the presentation
* Product line
* Company management experience
* Up-line support
* Company image
* Sales kit provided
* Being first in your area

Reply to this post and just list those down from 1 to 10,
most important to least important.

Let us have fun. Let see what this forum scores!

Take care,


Linda Buquet

Hi goldline,

I'm not sure we have many MLMers here.
For affiliate marketers the following don't apply as they aren't needed and my comments in ()

* Marketing plan potential earnings (your earnings depend on your own efforts)
* Who gave the presentation (no meetings/ no presentations) :p
* Up-line support (the company provides it directly)
* Sales kit provided (don't need to buy a sales kit)
* Being first in your area (does not necessarily apply)


New Member
I appreciate your reply.

But I do think that Affiliates do prospect also and they may like to test their knowledge of prospects. When addressing the priorities think also like an affiliate and see what may apply.