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How To Start Affiliate Marketing As A Newbie

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Mr. FOX, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Mr. FOX

    Mr. FOX Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, newcommers in affiliate marketing. I know you are struggling to earn money online. So is this possible to earn from online doing affiliate marketing? YES, it is. You can found the proof on this forum in journey section as well as another part too. People are only make over $1000 per month.

    But it's neither easy nor rocket science to learn affiliate marketing. Then what is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is kind of commission based marketing where you send targeted customer (Traffic) to a landing page to take action. When the client purchases anything (convert), then you'll get a percentage of the company you promote.

    How to find an offer to assist?
    There are several affiliate companies out there offer you to promote their products. But for the newbie, I suggest start with clickband or JV zoo. Because they don't need any approval to develop their products.

    How to get targeted traffic?
    There is several way you can get targeted visitors. Social media and the search engine is the right choice for you. For social media, you can join several groups or community to drive traffic to your targeted landing page. For example suppose you want to promote dog training videos. Then simply join different dog lover social groups and grow your reputation there and promote your product.

    Another way to get targeted traffic from social media create social pages and share vital info there.

    You can do paid advertising on social media as well. But you need to follow their TOS as well learn how to set up your ads. This was also very easy. Only search on YouTube and you'll get several video tutorial from YouTube. Those are very easy don't be afraid

    To get targeted traffic, another decent method is a search engine. You can stat your website. WOW, how to make a website? This 's hard, right? Nope. You can outsource everything on Fiverr or upwork.

    For cheap in price, you can outsource in fiverr and for quality work you can outsouce in UpWork

    Anyway only set up a website. The website needs for long-term business. So make a website on a particular topic and do search engine optimizaiton(SEO) and you'll get targeted traffic.

    Don't want to set up a website? Then simply do a keyword research and start you advertising on Bing search engine. You'll find several youtube tutorial about how to run Bing adverting and those are easy.

    There are other processes to get targeted traffic but first of all, I suggest you to start with this two traffic method. When you learn completely, then move to another.

    How much invest is needed?
    For initial I think $250 is enough.

    Marketing website $50
    Domain hosting one year $12 (Go daddy)
    Graphics $50
    Traffic cost $140

    Don't forget to learn new things every day.
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  2. AdCombo
  3. Batman

    Batman Affiliate affiliate

    I must say this is the worth reading about to start affiliate marketing. Is there any option where I don't need to invest any money?
  4. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Sure. You can get everything free from various sources. However, you won't "own" anything, server times will be slow or worse will experience frequent outages, it will take a lot of manual labour on your part and take quite a bit of time to establish yourself with less than professional tools.

    That being said, nothing is impossible. @Mr. FOX is giving you starter advice for a long term business. But you can do it the freebie way, or even just do paid or free social advertising without a site. All up to you, how you want to run your biz. You wouldn't be the first to start with a zero budget. Search the forums, others have tried and/or done that. :)

    Note though, that it may not result in long term or passive income. I suggest that if you're going to take that route, that you only do it until you have enough funds to proceed with paid tools.
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  5. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Worth reading I must say. There are two types of traffic method of affiliate marketing: a) Free Traffic b) Paid traffic. Mr. Fox emphasizes on paid traffic as for long term business. But you can start with free traffic method too. Although free traffic method isn't free. Because you need to invest your time and effort to drive quality leads. So better stay with paid traffic.
  6. Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson Affiliate affiliate

    Great read! Thanks and the comments have helped too!!
  7. localaffiliate99

    localaffiliate99 Affiliate affiliate

    the best method for newbie would be use free blog offered by blogspot or wordress. google send tone of traffic to blogspot domains for quality content