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How to set up AWeber list and Opt in Form.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    How to set up AWeber list and Opt in Form.

    This guide will teach you how you can easily install and set up an email opt in list and form on your website. We HIGHLY recommend you use AWeber and take advantage of our $1.00 for your first month deal.

    AWeber List and Opt in Forms

    If you aren't aware of what AWeber is then it's a easy to use and extremely powerful email marketing tool. It allows you to create what are known as "opt in" forms that you place on the front end of your website to capture email addresses. I have learnt over the last year that email marketing and opt in forms are one of the most powerful tools in the industry. I loose sleep over how many leads i have lost from not using a landing page or opt in form. This gives you ability to market to your users via emails and follow up messages. Get it now or you are simply leaving money on the table. Sign up here.

    Set Up AWeber

    Setting up AWeber opt in form and building a new list is made so easy by the AWeber walk through. However if you aren't used to the process or having trouble setting up a funnel let me talk you through it here. Sign up here to AWeber and then proceed to login.

    Once you are in the dashboard click the big blue button saying > Create A New List

    1.Basic Settings

    1.Basic Settings

    List Name - Name your list, maybe use something that relates to your source or website
    List Description - Again explain what the list is for and what website you will use in on
    From Name - This is the name that will appear in the emails you send to people in the signature
    Address - This is the email address you will be sending your emails from and receiving replies on


    Not something i use, but if you wish to be notified every time you get an opt in place your name and email here.

    > Save Settings

    2.Personalize Your List
    1.Company Branding

    This section will appear once a user has opted into your list via the web form. So basically you have captured the lead already, a nice little tip is to put a related CPA offer banner and link to the offer in this page as you have already got them on your list at this point.

    Company Name - Put your website or company name in here
    Website URL - This is where you would put your related offer URL or send them elsewhere
    Email Signature - Simply put your ow signature or website URL here it will appear on the end of the email
    Logo - Here place your media banner for your CPA offer

    2.Social Media/Sharing

    Basically these settings allow you to login with your social media accounts and every time you perform an action to your list for example, send out a mass email or broadcast, it will automatically be shared to your social media account. I find this a little bit to much but it's up to you if you switch them on or not.

    3.Global Text Snippets

    These are handy little snippets you can use when you have mastered the art of follow up emails and adding multiple emails to your funnel. I would suggest only using these once you are fluent with AWeber for now ignore them.

    > Save Settings

    3.Confirmed Opt-In

    1.Your Confirmation Message

    None of these need touching however it is good to test different Subjects etc to see how many people follow up the original email. Basically this is the email the user will get after they opt into your form so if you wish to have them double opt in via email then leave the message alone for now. The guide will talk you through each field anyway.

    2.Require Opt-In on Web Forms

    This basically means do you want your users to double opt in via and email sent on sign up. You know these emails you get to confirm your email address, well this is the same i always ask for a double opt in but some marketers feel it's not needed. Leave this "on" for now.

    3.Success Page

    Here you will need you will need to place the direct link to your success page, it depends what you are promoting but let's say you are offering a free ebook. This would be the place to send your member to download the book. Likewise you can send them to another affiliate funnel or directly to an offer page depending on what you are using.

    > Save Settings

    4.Create A Welcome Email

    This is going to be the first email your user get after receiving the opt in email, so you want to keep it short and sweet. You may want to include and offer link or your website link depending on what niche and method your using. Either way enter an attractive title and click > Templates then click > Plain Templates > Start Over

    Create your welcome email and go > Save and then > Next

    Enable tracking and clicks and click > Save and Exit


    5.Create a Web Form

    A web form is the form that will appear on your website where you wish to gather email addresses. I am sure you have seen these on many sites before. Its basically the front end of your opt in funnel.


    Easily use the web form design tool to create a web form that will match your websites design but stand out. I advise you to keep it simple and only add minimal fields. For me the email is enough but it really depends on what data you wish to gather.

    Design and then click > Go to Step 2


    Form Name - Name your form so you can easily identify it
    Facebook Integration - This is a nice feature that allows user to opt in with their Facebook account
    Thank You Page - Preview and choose the one you wish to use, i always use the basic page
    Already Subscribed Page - Same asa above it will send them to the result page if already opted in

    Configure and then click > Go to Step 3


    This is where you can gather the HTML code already configured for your new design and funnel. AWeber is an amazing tool and does this all for you. You can choose which option you wish but for ease select > I will Install My Form then > Raw HTML Version. Simply copy and paste this HTML code into your landing page or website where you want it to appear. Alternatively if you cant code use one of our free landing pages and enter your code where instructed.


    It's now time to test your form, visit your site and enter in your email address and opt in to your own list. You should receive the subscription email and then your welcome email. You should also see the opt in on your AWeber admin panel. Good luck after your first test you WILL be hooked.

    Take a look at how you can set up follow up emails with your AWeber opt in forms here.
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  2. terraleads
  3. blogjomar

    blogjomar Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I made a sample form but when I tried to copy to my sidebar, The design like colors and header is not visible..
  4. everton

    everton Affiliate affiliate

    Is Aweber really the best email autoresponder? I see almost everyone use it!
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    For me yes, no questions about it!

    However it's the only one i've really used.
  6. ritsan.com

    ritsan.com aduncle.com Affiliate Manager affiliate

    is there a free program , free script like aweber that we dont have to pay for ? I guess mailchimp is better than aweber ?
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    IMO nothing is better than AWeber, but I think mailchimp offer a similar service for free until you hit 500 opt ins.
  8. Daz

    Daz Affiliate affiliate


    One tip for everyone, as people unsubscribe from your lists, Aweber doesn't delete them from your account. You have to clear out unsubscribes yourself. This will help to reduce your monthly fees with them.

    What i mean by this is, say you had a mailing list of 1000 subscribers and 500 people unsubscribed from your list this month, you would think you were only paying for 500 people to be on your list. Wrong ! You are still paying for 1000 people on your list as Aweber doesnt delete them. They delete them from your mailing list, but still charge you for 1000 subscribers. :)

    There are guides on the Aweber website if you would like to look.

  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great advice, a link would be awesome thanks.
  10. Daz

    Daz Affiliate affiliate

    Sorry, i cant post a link till post count hits 10.

    Can i send it to you in pm K ? And you can post it ? Sorry new to how your forum works.

  11. tabiuslee

    tabiuslee Affiliate affiliate

    I have a Aweber account. I am trying to add the Aweber HTML code to my landing page. I am using Sublime text. I tried using my own landing page and then I looked at that the code from the Free Landing page in the Dojo. I tried putting my HTML code in the AFFkit Mail Tool. I cat get nothing to work.

    Could use some advice
  12. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    I've replied to your other thread, you just need to follow the steps on the tool and it will work.

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