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How to set up AWeber Follow up emails.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Nov 22, 2012.

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    How to set up AWeber Follow up emails.

    This guide will walk you through how to set up follow up emails with AWeber. If you haven't already got AWeber or set up your opt in form then follow this guide first.

    Set Up AWeber

    In order to set up your AWeber follow up emails you will first need to register and set up your first opt in form and list. You can follow our step by step guide on how to set up AWeber list and Opt In form here. Once that is done continue through this guide to install some follow up emails.

    Follow Up Emails

    Follow up emails are by far one of the most useful and powerful marketing tools i have ever used. They are basically emails that you compose and install into a marketing "funnel" after a user opt's into your list. Meaning you can write any amount of emails and schedule them to go out whenever you wish. This is a massive bonus for marketers as you can make it seem as if the email was naturally sent to that person on a certain day for a certain reason. How you set up your funnel and emails is up to you and down to a lot of testing to see what works. However i will now talk you through how you can easily add follow up emails in AWeber.

    Login to your AWeber panel and make sure your new list is selected. Then click > Messages > Follow Up

    Follow Up Messages

    Here you will be able to see your Welcome Email you created in the first steps. This is your follow up email panel. You can change each message and the order of when they are sent by dragging and dropping them.

    To create a new follow up message click the big green button saying > New HTML Message

    Compose your Message


    Just like in your welcome email you will need to compose your first follow up email. I suggest you choose > Templates > Start Over again. Compose your message/email depending on what your funnel is about and then click > Save > Next



    This is where you select exactly how long after the previous email you want this message to be sent. You can time it down to an hour in the day OR can simply put it a number of days after. Again you will need to test what works best for you but i send out 1 email a day to my lists.

    Select a time and click > Save and Exit.


    Add more Follow Ups

    Bingo you have finished adding a follow up. Very simple eh! Now you can add more follow ups to your list and simply drag and drop them to place them in the order of sending. I highly suggest testing emails and times they are sent etc. You don't want to jump in straight away with an offer or product, you have to warm them up first.

    Take a look at a winning email funnel formula i composed and tested over a year here.
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    How much does aWeber charge these days?

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