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How to Make Money with CPA Marketing a Beginners Guide

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by spook2992, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. spook2992

    spook2992 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, when i join a new forum i like to contribute so here is an article i wrote about CPA marketing. Its never been posted anywhere before so hopefully will bring some extra traffic to the forum :)

    In Addition To This Guide I wrote Exclusively For AffiliateFix, You can check out a newer albeit similar one on my blog.

    What is CPA marketing?

    So a lot of you have probably heard the term floating around internet marketing forums for a while, but never checked it out. CPA means Cost Per Action. Meaning a company wants someone to fill in an email, Zip code, Phone number, even download something or take a trial and purchase a product. Basically anything that the company can use to get any information about that person, to make future sales to. These companies will often create surveys and offers and Give them to CPA networks to get the information into the surveys or get the offers, and will pay them for getting the information/sale. Now the amount of money per offer changes depending on what offer it is. A normal survey will be from $1-2 pay, a trial could be in the region of $15. The better quality the offer, the more they pay out for them.

    How much money Can i make with CPA marketing?

    The answer to this is simply a lot. When i first got into CPA, i set up a free Blogspot blog, wrote a few pages and put a Content blocker on the site that would go away once the visitor had filled in a survey or offer. I did a bit o promoting for 2 hours, and made 30 cents in the first 3 hours, and a dollar by the end of the day. the next day i make $1.50 and the day after that i made $7.77 and decided that this was what i wanted to concentrate on. I was used to writing blogs and informational websites and putting adsense on them for a passive income and trying for hours a day to get ranked in a search engine. Well you don't need to do that with CPA marketing. Once you have things set up profits can be instant. Plus, after a few weeks you will have made enough money to REINVEST in more traffic to your offers. This means the amount of money you make can skyrocket if you do it will! I will discuss this later in the Article! The CPAlead network are a great network with a chatbox to, where people can shout their earnings for that day or there lifetime earnings. I posted one of these below so you can see for yourself.


    Why CPALead?

    If you are new to CPA, you should sign up with CPAlead. Its one of the few networks that you get auto accepted, they have a large ammount of offers, pay on time, and have a great content locker. Sign up under my referral here

    How to make money with Cpa Marketing!

    So now you have an account set up, you have the option to make widgets and content blockers that will be making you your money, but you don't need to play with that just yet. First of all you need to set up a website. Finding your niche is easy. Just try and think of something you would complete a survey for. If you are unsure of how to create a website you can use Wordpress. Its very easy to set up, and there are tons of tutorials on youtube for it.

    My first site i made was a site that gave away free ebooks in SEO that worked, and created a page for each ebook i was giving away. i would write a summary about those books, and tell them to complete a survey to get an EBOOK that will help them for free! The key is to make the site look nice. So take some time to organise things and make it easy for people to Navigate. So find something that you can give away for free that people want and would complete a survey for, and build your site around that.

    Now don't think the fact that its free is going to entice them into completing a survey! You still need to create a sales pitch (still mention at the start its free) about why they need this ebook and how much it is going to help them. make sure the ebook is quality though! When they get to the bottom of the page, they should be desperate to get there hands on the content, and if they have to complete a survey so be it! Make a button saying take a survey now and be granted access. Once they press this button, you know you have them. This is where you go to your CPALead Dashboard and choose surveys for your widget. I would recommend one survey, one zip, and one free trial. So the minimum you are looking at for an offer is about $1 but you can also make $8 if they fill in details for a free trial for something! Now you need to put a download link onto a page, and link the page to the “Take a survey” button. Now get the code from the widget you created, its all made for you, and paste it into the html of that page. If you are using wordpress you can actually use a plugin that does this all for you! Now your visitor has to fill in a survey before they can download the book!

    So now you have a sales funnel leading to the survey, which will increase your conversion rate a lot. You don't want surveys popping up on every page as you want the user to enjoy the experience on your site. So now you can decide if you want to just do some SEO for your site and hope that some natural google traffic will come to your site or if you want to direct people to your website.

    I would always choose the second option. As long as your site looks nice and is set out well, you can direct people to your site in a manner of ways. A way i always like to test the water is to do about 3-4 hours of youtube commenting in the videos related to your niche. Say something along the lines of, “nice video, i have a variety of free ebooks like this on my site (yoursite(dot)com) feel free to check them out.” This will always guarantee you a few hundred visitors to your site and you already know they are searching for information on the ebooks you are giving away!
    If you get some conversions, you can check on your CPAlead Dashboard, you know the site is in good order. You should have about 50-70 conversion rates of hose visitors! If you have already started earning money, you are doing well and you should now look into buying PPC advertising. i wouldn't recommend with going with adwords, as they can get expensive, but go with a cheaper PPC advertiser, and you could start making $200 a day! You need to bid for keywords related to your website like Free Cpa Ebook and pay the company each time someone enters your site from an advert they produced. yes this does cost a bit of money, but you will get paid more than it costs for that visitor if he completes an offer. A lot more. Imagine the bid for the keyword cost you 30 cents, and they complete an offer and you get paid $1 for it. Thats 70 cents profit! If they complete a trial offer, and you get paid somewhere in the region of $7 that is a massive profit! Plus because the profit margins you are making, not every visitor you buy is going to have to complete an offer.

    Why is Cpa Marketing better than PPC?

    Now you know how to make money very quickly in CPA marketing, and you know how easy it i to start up! I will discuss a few points as to why CPA marketing will always be a better way to make money than PPC is. Many people will tell you that adsense is the best way to make money because its slow but steady and you can make quite a bit from it. Well adsense is good, but not for making a tonne of money very quickly! PPC you need to spend hours creating fresh unique content to rank in search engines, and then spend days doing tedious SEO work. It could all pay off in the end though, but then again it could not. But with CPA marketing, you can set things up in a jiffy, and start making money that same day! And lots of it too!

    How to Market Your CPA offers.

    So now that you have your offers all sorted, and a decent looking website to put them on, how are you going to get visitors to that site? Like i mentioned earlier, you have two different options here. Free traffic and paid traffic. I usually go with paid traffic because its quicker, but getting free traffic is still effective. I will go through two simple campaigns, 1 for free traffic and one for paid traffic.

    Free Traffic

    Free traffic is a good source of traffic, but it takes time and effort to get. However once you get it, it should last for a very long time! Now all this takes is a simple bit of SEO knowledge if you chose a niche that isn't to saturated. I would outsource about 10 articles of about 500 words, and attach them to your website, all leading to the sales page.

    Positives of Free Traffic

    In my eyes, a positive of free traffic is that is is free, obviously, not only that but most of the time your traffic will be evergreen, which means you will always be gathering leeds in the background for no work. Passive income, which is always good. You could use this to fuel your PPC campaigns or reinvest into other projects.

    Paid Traffic

    Paid traffic is the best traffic in my opinion, and i don't think i'm alone in that. Its your fastest solution to getting laser targeted traffic to your offers quickly, and in most cases you can get it cheap. Usually in CPA marketing if you're not making profit when using paid traffic, it isn't the traffic, but the landing page you have.

    This was my first ever guide that i have written, if you would like to comment please do, and if you think i should add something or change it let me know and i will get right on it.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2014
  2. terraleads
  3. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This is a good introduction to those interested in what CPA is. I would have included more examples of free traffic because this is what most people are looking for when they are first starting out as well as others too.

    Good job though!
  4. spook2992

    spook2992 Affiliate affiliate

    haa, ok i will write a little bit more and add it in later!
  5. spook2992

    spook2992 Affiliate affiliate

    bump due to spam of the other guy
  6. ralphubok

    ralphubok Affiliate affiliate

    nice tutorial/sharing, i find this very useful and for auto acceptance CPA network i would like to give it a try. How long have you been with this network, if you dont mind me asking? Thanks!
  7. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    would hardly call a comment "spam" smh
  8. zaki titou

    zaki titou Affiliate affiliate

    thank. you just simplify the CPA world for us the newbies
    Big thanks to you.

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