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How to make money online through Blogging

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by temi, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. temi

    temi Facilitator affiliate

    This post by bionic woman got me to commision and article on how to make money online. I have not read thought the article but the writter is a very experienced and successful webmaster who makes most of his income online.
    The article is 2,500 words so I will have to break it into different parts, the first part is How to make money by blogging.
    If there are things you fell we can add to improve this article please fell free to suggest it. Enjoy.

    How to make money online by Blogging
    While there have been many stories of people being scammed on the internet trying to make some money, there are actually many ways to legitimately make money online. However, not everyone can make millions and just like in the “real world” making money on the Internet requires some real work. The most popular genuine money making ventures on the Internet are affiliate marketing, blogging, selling products, freelance work and online surveys, although there are many other ways.

    Blogging (website)
    Making money from blogging takes some time and while there are some websites that will pay you for your blogging content this is generally not the most reliable way of making decent money. (Most of these tips can be applied to making money with a static website)

    First Steps – Creating the blog
    It might sound simple, but making decent money from blogging first requires that you create your own blog. There are many free options available for creating and hosting your blog including; google owned blogger and wordpress.com. However, if you are serious about getting into blogging then a properly hosted blog with your own domain name is the best option. Fortunately the most popular blog publishing system, wordpress, is free to use and is extremely user friendly. An added advantage of using wordpress is that there are many online tutorials and support forums to help new bloggers.

    Choosing a subject (niche)
    Some experts will tell you to pick a very specific topic to blog about and others will tell you to remain very broad in what you write about. However, all that really matters is that you pick a topic that you are passionate about, so that when your interest weans you will not give up your project. If possible don’t write about a topic you are uninterested in just for the money. Brainstorm some ideas and search google with your ideas to get an idea of the competition you will face.

    Getting people to visit and keep visiting
    Before people visit your website you will need a search engine to rank your website for certain keywords. To achieve this you will need to follow search engine optimization practices. Basically search engines use a complex algorithm for ranking websites, which includes links to your blog, keywords, content, page title and many other factors. SEO cannot be explained entirely within this article and if you unfamiliar with SEO there are literally thousands of articles dedicated to the practice on the Internet. Once you start to rank in the search engines you will find that visitor numbers will increase. As soon as you have people reading your blog you will need to give them a reason to come back. It is important to blog at regular intervals so that your readers know when your content is going to be updated and will keep them checking back. Writing great content that people will want to read is also an important factor and regularly updated content is looked upon favorably by google. Also remember to get the word out about your site on the Internet – social networking (digg, stumbleupon etc.) are great places to start and once these places link to your website google will come looking too!

    Making money (monetizing your blog)
    Alright, you are probably saying, I have this great blog with killer content, I have started with SEO and I am getting plenty of visitors from search engines, but that doesn’t mean I am making any money! There are a few different streams for making money from blogging, it’s officially called monetizing, and I am going to get right into explaining it.
  2. terraleads
  3. MeetHere

    MeetHere Affiliate affiliate

    First of all, create a paypal account.. lol :D
    nice read, thanks :)
  4. kapengbarako

    kapengbarako Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for this article. It will help me in my lectures.
  5. wiwen39

    wiwen39 Affiliate affiliate

    Nice artilce, thanks Temi
  6. chaitanyatvk

    chaitanyatvk Affiliate affiliate

    good post temi,this information will be useful to begginers

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