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How to Make Money Flipping Websites



One of the many ways to make money online is to buy and sell websites (otherwise known as website flipping). A few years ago, this was a simple process and you could quite easily build a site, apply some not-so-high-quality SEO tactics and sell it for a few hundred dollars in no time at all. These days though, things are a little different and many people believe that there's just no money in flipping websites anymore. We disagree. There's still a lot of money to be made in this industry if you know what you're doing, but you do have to take a more long-term and higher-quality approach then you did a few years ago. ?
Identifying an Opportunity

There are a lot of websites that are essentially marketplaces for buying and selling sites; Flippa is probably the most famous example that comes to mind. Although Flippa does have a tendency to be filled to the brim with low-quality sites, there are still some gems occasionally listed on there. You can also look on or even on site brokers websites. So how do you actually identify a good site to buy? Well, buying and selling websites is no different to buying and selling property. If you were to buy a house with the aim of selling for a profit, you'd look for a house that had a good base but needed a bit of work. You'd calculate that after X amount of investment, your property should be worth its original value + X + a health profit for yourself. This is the approach you need to take when finding a website to buy. You need to find a site that you feel you can improve upon quite easily and for a relatively small cost. You need the finished result to be worth more than the price you paid for the site and your investment combined. ?
What Makes A Valuable Site?

Typically, the answer to this is simple; a site that generates consistent revenue. If you look on Flippa, you'll see that the sites selling for large sums of money (i.e. a few thousand dollars) tend to have one thing in common; they make money. Yet, you'll see sites with thousands of visitors and no claimed revenue that sell for much lower prices (tip: these are often great opportunities). Essentially, the more money a site makes on a monthly basis, the more it will be worth. If you can prove your site makes a consistent amount of money each month, chances are that you'll be able to sell it for a good sum of money. Other attributes that make a valuable site include aged domains, high numbers of visitors (organic, not paid for traffic) and well-branded sites.
How Can You Add Value To A Site?

This is a tough question to answer as it typically depends on each individual site, but essentially, you'll usually add value by increasing the revenue, it's as simple as that. This can usually be done in one of two ways; you can either better optimise the monetization strategy on the site to obtain a higher monthly income from the same amount of visitors, or you can increase traffic and increase revenue that way. You can also do both, of course. Adding content will often increase the visitor numbers, as will building links to the site or marketing in some other way. All of these things cost money (unless you do the work yourself) so be careful where you spend your budget. Rebranding can also add value, although building up an authoritative brand can be a time consuming task that may not always be worth the investment. ?

Making money from flipping websites isn't an easy process, you can't just create any old site and add some basic content, you need to choose a good niche (that you're also interested in) and utilise your own personal skills to add value to a website. If you don't have any marketing, branding or content writing experience, it will be an extremely difficult and expensive task and you probably won't be able to add enough value to reap any form of reward. Content writing and SEO are probably the most valuable skills you can obtain if you want to make money from flipping websites, as well as conversion rate optimisation and A/b testing experience for monetisation strategies. If you're new to flipping, we recommend building a site of your own to start with so you can get to grips with the process. We'd only recommend buying and selling high value websites when you really know what you're doing and have some experience.