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How To Make A High Quality Gmail/Youtube Account - Avoid Video and Account Bans

Discussion in 'Video Traffic' started by Aces Seo, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Aces Seo

    Aces Seo Affiliate affiliate

    I noticed alot of people have trouble with account bans and getting videos to stay up. I find alot of the time the problem begins with the account creation steps so I made a video to help people understand the correct way to make accounts.


    This is kind of a promo video but at the same time its not. People really need to know the right way to make accounts and not get banned.
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  3. Joynab Akter

    Joynab Akter Affiliate affiliate

    I don't understand your question but i think if you interested to create a youtube account you need to create a gmail account then you need to login youtube and create your channel name. If you continue upload unique content then your account not banned.
  4. cheta

    cheta Affiliate affiliate

    To avoid ban on YouTube, make sure your videos doesn't contain any adult or illegal content. Also put in a original and unique description about what the video is all about, no copying from other sites. also you can read more,the terms of rules on YouTube and gmail websites to know the dos and donts to void any ban