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How to investigate IM products

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by jackharper, May 28, 2015.

  1. jackharper

    jackharper Affiliate affiliate

    The online market is filled with poor quality internet marketing (IM) products. It is usually difficult to identify these products before you buy and try them. Fraud marketers have been using them for years to rip off inexperienced marketers who want to make money fast. To help you avoid losing money, I would like to share some tips on how to investigate IM products.

    1. Don’t get hyped:

    Sellers usually try to get potential buyers excited with things like “How I made …$ in … days”, “How to make …$ in … days” or some kind of income proof such as Paypal screenshots. When they do it, they are actually taking advantage of one of the greatest temptations in human mind: making money fast. That’s how 65% of affiliates make less than $25,000 per year and over 10% make more than $100,000 per year.

    Don’t put too much trust in “instant push button results”. You can see wording like this with software. The sellers just want to get you hyped about their products. There is no “magic money button”. Even if there were, who would ever share it?

    So ignore income proof and remember IM products are simply tools, not magic buttons.

    2. High pressure sales tactics

    Have you ever seen phrases like “Early bird ends in …” or “Special offer ends in …”? Some marketers use this tactics to create an impression of scarcity, but that is actually false scarcity. A good example of false scarcity is a countdown time that tells you that the special offer will end when the timer runs out. But when the timer hits zero all that happens is that it resets. The offer never chances. While some people are bothered by this I personally think it sets a really bad precedent. The first thing the vendor did was lie to you. How can you trust anything they said in the sales page now?

    There is one way you can tell if the scarcity is false. A lot of these timers will put a cookie on your browser so that if you leave and come back it shows the proper time as if it was a real timer. Because of this closing your browser and coming back to the sales page is not a good way to see if a timer is really false scarcity. But what you can do is open the sales page in a different browser. If the timer does not say the exact same time it’s pretty solid evidence that it’s a false scarcity timer.

    3. Ask affiliates:

    There are a lot of affiliates who send you an email telling you to buy a new product without reviewing it first. That doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad.

    What you need to do in this situation is to ask them for their own review of the product. You can ask other necessary questions in reply to the email that you received from the affiliate. Try to find out as much about the product as you can: how it works, additional costs,…

    4. Check out the vendor on JVzoo:

    When you click the buy button on any JVZoo product you are taken to checkout page that will display the price of the product and a bunch of other info that no one reads because it’s in small text down bottom. But this text is important. First it will display the sellers refund policy. Second it will display the seller’s name.

    Copy the vendors name and head over to JVZoo’s website. If you are not signed up as an affiliate on JVZoo do so (it’s free and you only have to do it once). Click on Affiliates -> Find Products

    Paste the vendors name in the Keyword field and press the search button. This will give you a list of all the products that that vendor still has active on JVZoo, including the vendors past products. What you’re looking for is the vendors past refund rates. Any product is going to have refunds but when you see a vendor that has consistently high refunds you might want to think twice about making your purchase as that could be indicative of a vendor that produces poor quality products, has poor customer service, or both.

    So what is a high refund rate? Well in my experience 3-4% is normal. However when you see refund rates a lot higher than that you need to start questioning things.

    5. Learn your lesson

    If you consistently have a specific bad experience with 2 products or more products from a particular seller, you should stop buying from him/her. These sellers have only one sole purpose: empty your wallet. Don’t let them.

    Useless IM products are largely present on the market and I believe they should be identified and boycotted along with their creators. I hope this article will be helpful for your online business. This article was made possible thanks to Brett Rutecky, an honest online marketer.
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