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How to increase traffic?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by websitedesigningindelhi, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Koramisomi

    Koramisomi Affiliate affiliate

    If you are already on the top of the serps consider switch this keyword to another niche related and fight for biggest one. Consider also try to comment other blogs or youtube channels.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Daceyank

    Daceyank Affiliate affiliate

    Its good you've already done SEO and you are ranking top. Maybe you are ranking for the wrong keyword, so do something about that. If you feel your keyword is good, then try promoting your site on social media, get quality backlinks and improve your content. You can also add outbound links to your content as well as do guest posts and comment on other blogs and sites in your niche
  4. Claire Harbour

    Claire Harbour Affiliate affiliate

    Having a good amount of high-quality backlinks is really important. When Ranking sites Google looks at a variety of factors such as backlinks, dwell time and bounce rate. It's important that you provide great content to visitors, so they stay longer and view more pages on your site. This article about Rankbrain is great if you're looking to find out about Google's ranking algorithm Google RankBrain: The Definitive Guide.
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  5. matthewrlewis

    matthewrlewis Affiliate affiliate

    very information post. Thanks for post here, It's a really helpful to SEO person.
  6. Jackanderson

    Jackanderson Affiliate affiliate

    Here are the top highest seven ways in which to extend web site traffic in 2019:
    #1. Optimize Your web site for Search.
    #2. Experiment with Content Freshness.
    #3. Spy on Your Competitors.
    #4. Master YouTube promoting.
    #5. Drive web site Traffic with Facebook.
    #6. attempt Instagram promoting.
    #7. Increase web site Traffic with Email Market
  7. sidheshp

    sidheshp Affiliate affiliate

    You are getting rank in SERP but not getting traffic towards your site????
  8. MindySeo

    MindySeo Affiliate affiliate

    There are many ways to increase site traffic, but before using them, it’s worth preparing a resource for this. Where to begin?
    Site usability for visitors. It is necessary to take care of the speed of loading pages of the site, remove pop-ups and unnecessary advertising. Also, special attention should be paid to the development of the interface and navigation through the site - any information should be easy and simple to find.

    The site should contain interesting and, most importantly, regularly updated content. You can replenish the resource with new articles, pictures, create new sections (for example, a forum or FAQ). It will also be useful to organize a newsletter with the latest articles from your site and an RSS feed.

    If the site uses tables, it is important that the dimensions should be indicated in pixels, not in percentages. Technical condition of the website should be optimized and analyzed by seo tool Sitechecker Website Сrawler: Monitor Your Website Health Online for improving its health. After all, computer screens have a different resolution, and therefore each user site will be displayed differently. In addition, the site should work correctly for all types of browsers, or at least the most popular (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.).
  9. omniscient

    omniscient Affiliate affiliate

    Target to your audience. Use social media to get more traffic because this is the best way to get valuable traffic.
    Make sure your content should be informative so that customer come again to your website.
  10. harsh_malhotra

    harsh_malhotra Affiliate affiliate

    To increase the traffic of your website you need to build high-quality backlinks from high-authority sites. There are many SEO activities through which you can get traffic to your website.
    Some of them are:

    1- Forum Posting
    2- Article Submission
    3- Blog Commenting
    4- Guest Posting
  11. Nilesh Jha

    Nilesh Jha Affiliate affiliate

    SEO and SMM are two major things for traffic on the website. SEO involves off page and on page SEO. On page SEO starts with keyword optimization while avoiding the stuffing. In off page we need to create backlinks on different types of websites. In SMM we need to share on social media and promote the website through different social networking websites.
  12. swara

    swara Affiliate affiliate

    You can increase traffic by using Search engine optimization, social media sharing, also by running ads on social media or search engines.
  13. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson Affiliate affiliate


    Work more on onpage and offpage SEO. Create engaging posts in Social media. Be active in your social media.
  14. PaidPoints

    PaidPoints Affiliate affiliate

    and to work more on on-page seo, just install yoast seo wordpress plugin and make all the dots green. To be active in your social media, just use websites like buffer or crowdfire app to autoschedule your social media posts for free and let it post and comment for you while you are away.
  15. MerleneNMS

    MerleneNMS Affiliate affiliate

    With the evolution of social media algorithm, understanding how to drive traffic to your website and social media sites is important. By incorporating SEO, which includes relevant keywords in your content, there is a high possibility that customers will be able to find your platform fast.

    Aside from what has been mentioned, advertising through social networking sites by posting informative visual-based contents should be executed as it will surely engage your target audience. As a result, existing customers or readers will entice others to check your page.