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How to increase more backlinks to the website?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Samuel Roy, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Samuel Roy

    Samuel Roy Affiliate affiliate

    How to increase more backlinks to the website?
  2. Voluum
  3. Steve Solanki

    Steve Solanki Affiliate affiliate

    You can do Off-page SEO...

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  4. Adi Bitar

    Adi Bitar Affiliate affiliate

    For more backlinks to the sites you have to focus on Off page techniques like Guest blogging, Blog Posting, Blog commenting, Image sharing and document sharing which will helpful for creating backlinks as well as website traffic.
  5. Shantanu Roy

    Shantanu Roy Affiliate affiliate

    Things to do for back-links (no-follow & do-follow)
    • Participate in SEO Forums like this one (not just to get back-links but to share, discuss & learn new techniques of online marketing)
    • Writing articles for popular blogs/websites such as lifehack, 21stcenturywire, whowhatwhy, knowledgenuts, quicksprout, youngstartups, techlila, convinceandconvert, business.com, groundreport.com, searchenginejournal, searchenginewatch, searchengineland, seroundtable, socialmediatoday, socialmediaweek, socialmediaexaminer, etc you get the gist, right?
    • Publish your presentations on slideshare & issu.
    That's it, all these just to generate back-links.
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  6. Aalok Tripathi

    Aalok Tripathi Affiliate affiliate

    There are many platform to create a backlinks like SBM, Directory Submission, Article Submision, Press Release, Forum submission, guest blogging, blog commenting even more
  7. H S Ahuja & Associates

    H S Ahuja & Associates Affiliate affiliate

    Off page SEO like directory, forum, artical, Business, profile etc
  8. James Gosling

    James Gosling Affiliate affiliate

    In the SEO many platform to create Back-links like Directory submission, Social bookmarking, Article post, web 2.0 content share at blogs, Business listing, PR news share, Image & video Share, Classifieds post, Guest post, PPT & PDF share and more .
  9. Taran Tondon

    Taran Tondon Affiliate affiliate

    @alok Tripathi directory sbm is not working now i think the guest blogging and blog commenting one of the best method to create a back-links
  10. Aalok Tripathi

    Aalok Tripathi Affiliate affiliate

    @ Taran i don't agree with you bro quality directory and sbm still working i have done my site for the same i got ranking
  11. Taran Tondon

    Taran Tondon Affiliate affiliate

    @alok Directory and SBM google does consider as spamming
  12. Aalok Tripathi

    Aalok Tripathi Affiliate affiliate

    No google doesn't consider as spamming if you create back-links on high authority sites DA PA, which is good
  13. Taran Tondon

    Taran Tondon Affiliate affiliate

    If i do same thing Google will not punish me
  14. Aalok Tripathi

    Aalok Tripathi Affiliate affiliate

    If you create back-links with high authority and relevant site google will not penalized you site
  15. somidiscount

    somidiscount Affiliate affiliate

    Many techniques you have to use and get more backlinks ex -
    1 SEO (on-page and off-page).
    2 SMO
    3 SEM
    4 google adword
    5 PPC
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  16. VintageIT

    VintageIT Affiliate affiliate

  17. Mark231

    Mark231 Affiliate affiliate

    • Social Network Posts
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Web Directories
    • Wiki Articles
    • Press Release
    • Article Directories
    • Web 2.0 Profiles
    • Forum Profiles
    • RSS
  18. krishnanayak

    krishnanayak Affiliate affiliate

    You have to do more off page activity for making link for your website like :
    Directory, blog, article, forum, profile creation and guest posting with unique content.
  19. Amit Thakre

    Amit Thakre Affiliate affiliate

    Backlinks is the most Important factor in Search Engine Optimization Implementation ,
    Dofollow Backlinks have more importance than No-follow.
    by doing Some proper Submission ypu may earn backlinks.
    1. Directory Submission on high PR site
    2. Social Bookmarking
    3. Article Submission
    4. Blog Submission
    5. Image Submission
    6. Video Submission
    7. PPT Submission
    8. PDF Submisson
    9. Forum Submission
    10. Local Business Listing
    11. Classified Submission
    12. RSS feed Submission
    13. Blog Commenting
    These activity leads to generate backlinks as well business.
  20. phpassignmenthelp

    phpassignmenthelp Affiliate affiliate

    You have to do following off page activity to increase your back-link for getting huge traffic for your website. such as : High PR directory, Social Bookmarking, Forum, Blogging, Article, Profile creation and guest posting.
  21. Thomas Rousseau

    Thomas Rousseau Affiliate affiliate

    There are infinite ways to build backlinks, but not all link building strategies are worth doing. Some strategies such as link farming are illegal and will get your website penalized by Google, and some strategies just don't bring in traffic at all.

    So here I have compiled 7 of the best ways to build high quality backlinks that will actually bring traffic to your site.

    1) Q&A Mediums

    People have questions – and websites like Quora, Yahoo, and various Subreddits are all dedicated to answering them. Take some time to create an account on each of these sites, then follow topics, questions, or subreddits that are relevant to your niche.

    2) Guest Posting

    Guest posting remains an excellent way of getting backlinks as long as the links are helpful and relevant. Google is very good at noticing spam links – thus, the more you focus on high quality content, the easier guest posting will be. However, keep in mind that guest-posting is a time-consuming process, and you'll need to allow plenty of time for each post.

    3) Put Links in the Comments of Related Blog Articles

    Now, you don't want to spam these links – Google will recognize and penalize them, to say nothing of how quickly blog owners will delete them (though regular, organic comments will be fine).

    Basically, links should only be posted alongside meaningful comments and on relevant topics. Google Alerts can help you identify good places to do this. Now, these links aren't very helpful for improving your authority, but they do bring traffic, and especially appropriate links might even be edited into the main article.

    Here's Matt Cutts to affirm you that as long as you do not spam links on blog comments, only drop links organically, you'll be fine and Google will not penalize you.

    4) Broken Link Building

    This one takes some effort, but it's actually quite effective at getting new links. When you're reading blogs, you can take the time to search for old, broken links that are dragging the blog down… and ask the blog's owner to replace them with links to your own content. Most are willing to do so as long as your content is fresh and accurate.

    5) Submit To Blogging Communities

    Blogging communities are another excellent way of getting noticed by people who are interested in reading blogs. Sites like Blog Engage, Inbound, GrowthHackers and Bizsugar all offer access to a wider community and can help you get a number of excellent links back to your blog.

    Be sure to vet each site before you submit a blog post to it, though – remember, you don't want to be associated with spam sites, and some blogging communities are precisely that.

    Our personal favorite community to submit content to is Inbound.org. Inbound is a website that caters mainly to inbound marketers, which is in our niche and target audience.

    6) Help A Reporter Out

    HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, is another great way to build quality backlinks from authoritative news sites.

    7) Link Reclamation

    This is the last method, and like #4, it's often difficult to predict how many opportunities there will be. In essence, though, well-known blogs tend to get mentioned in various places without actually having links pointing back to them – which is inconvenient if you're trying to bring new people in. Link Reclamation is how you fix this.