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How to increase facebook page like?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Tanay Kumar Das, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Tanay Kumar Das

    Tanay Kumar Das Affiliate affiliate

    First Of All you need to post quality content in your page.
    Give something for free on liking your page which will fetch you more likes.
    Make your Page interconnected along all other social account such as instagram, twitter, pinterest etc. Try to make a social web.
    Announce your Page on your personal Facebook page.
    Invite friends to like your page.
    Post it on Twitter.
    Post it on Instagram.
    Make a Facebook Group and promote your page there.
    Promote your Group in all parallel groups
    There’s nothing wrong with buying ads to promote your group.
    Invite your blog readers to join your group.
    Ask existing group members to invite other members.
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Nilesh Jha

    Nilesh Jha Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook Page likes could be either easily increased with unethical way or through ethical ways longer time genuine audience.
    For here I will suggest you go for the ethical way. It might take time but your audience will be that you want to be.
    For first If I have a business I will definitely be sure I can share and have some faith that my 20 to 30 % of friends would follow it so inviting them will give me a small number of followers after which sharing int the groups which talk about products related to my brand. If my approach and display is attractive enough it might give me some amount of followers.
    After which promoting to get proper reach as facebook will show my page to the ones who are interested in similar products.
  4. Certified

    MyLead Active Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Way cheaper and very effective way to promote your facebook is giveaways. If your product or thing that can you are promoting on fanpage can be giveaways it can bring you a lot of new visitors.
  5. Alex Dempsey

    Alex Dempsey Affiliate affiliate

    Wow. Amazing post. Thank you!
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  6. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook page likes can be increased by sharing your webpage to various social groups and also by inviting members to like your page. Likes do not matter much. Only the popularity of the webpage will help to gain more traffic and benefit your online business.
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  7. Optiads

    Optiads Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    If you post funny photos, you will get many likes and shares.
  8. Sreejan Pradhan

    Sreejan Pradhan Affiliate affiliate

    The people who have liked your FB page want to get updates about the products you have or something information that you are going to provide in the future. The people seek some good reasons to be engaged on FB pages. They want something from the pages they liked. Those things may be knowledge or information, online gift vouchers, entertainment, etc. But they want solid reasons to share the pages they like with others in their network. You can run a contest from time to time and put some kind of gift vouchers or giving your own product as gifts. And please put the condition that they have to do three things. Those are 'Like', 'Share' and 'Comment'. These three things can tremendously increase your page likes. This is what we do in our teamwork.
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  9. Habib3535

    Habib3535 Affiliate affiliate

    Share your Facebook page with your friends and you can invite your all friends.
  10. Mohalsaiad

    Mohalsaiad Affiliate affiliate

    I'm using Google Trends to increase my facebook page likes
  11. merriedmary

    merriedmary Affiliate affiliate

    I intend to buy ads. can get quite good result at a low price. Have a try
  12. Wes2020

    Wes2020 Affiliate affiliate

    You can buy like if you have the budget, anywhere from a few cents per like. I know that some people advise against it, but people landing on your facebook page, will see that you have some social proof. You could post an inspirational quote (just depends on your niche, but I'm using this as an example), on the ad and people like it and like your page.

    I've done this before to get likes, it's very easy to do and you can get likes very quickly
  13. Happy Patel

    Happy Patel Affiliate affiliate

    I know the following free ways to increase Facebook page likes:

    Use Unique Images Regularly
    Connect with Other Pages
    Include a “Like” Button on Your Website
    Include a Facebook page on Your Website
    Give Your Audience Something Different
    Completely Fill in the About Section
    Make Your Profile and Cover Photos Count
    Embed Posts on Your Website or Blog
    Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy
    List the Page You Manage on Your Personal Profile
    Share you Pages and Post in Relevant Groups
    Use Some Free Tools
    Write Stellar Copy
  14. Sam Malhotra

    Sam Malhotra Affiliate affiliate

    Share something interesting on your page that makes people read it and share it with others. It will surely help you improve your page likes.
  15. SaraGonzales

    SaraGonzales Affiliate affiliate

    Here are the most basic tips on having a better page to attract more people and likes:
    1. Use Strong Images Regularly. ...
    2. Connect with Other Pages. ...
    3. Include a “Like” Button on Your Website. ...
    4. Give Your Audience Something Personal. ...
    5. Completely Fill in the About Section. ...
    6. Make Your Profile and Cover Photos Count. ...
    7. Embed Posts on Your Website or Blog. ...
    8. Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy.