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How to Guide: Online Digital Marketing

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Sage, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

    Does online digital marketing mean that traditional marketing is dead?

    No, in fact I have a buddy who sales W&D

    Why Digital Marketing?

    • Low cost of entry

    • Easy to track metrics and identify your strengths & weaknesses

    • Click through

    • Site visitors

    • Where visitors clicked

    • Very Easy to SCALE!

    Grow your business by investing into your business. Remember, you want to work

    ON your business, NOT “in” your business.

    BRAND Name & Authority

    This days, you should know that your website name should reflect your digital product or brand.

    Why not through in a brand logo to help define your brand/authority site?

    Terms of service & privacy policies

    You email address should be professional to match your domain and keep it looking


    Your Authority sites should include:

    • Facebook Page

    • Blog

    • Twitter Account – Promote flash sales / free reports

    • Pinterest

    • YouTube -> use Adsense or affiliate links in the description

    • Keep you customers interested & engaged!

    • This results in brand loyalty and more sales!

    • You want an army of promoters helping push your digital information

    How to find a profitable niche

    1. Are there multiple offers time after time?

    2. Are customers often buying in the niche?

    3. Do you feel you can market this niche?

    4. Are you passionate about this niche?

    Example – Education, dieting, Yoga, Investing, Quit smoking, gardening,

    You can use business names like:

     Forums – great place for inspiration

     Amazon – Note best selling items (just create a product to compete)

     Magazine.com – each magazine cover is to be used as INSPIRATION to

    develop a product.

     Clickbank – Tool for market research to see what’s selling and selling


     Offervault – Think outside the box

    How to build an Opt-In Page

     Place where people opt-in to your subscriber list by acting on a free report /


     The basic elements of an Opt-In page have the following:


    o List of benefits of the gift

    o Opt-in box (email address box for auto-responder)

    o Graphics, buttons, arrorws

     You’ll need stock images

     Leadpages.com

     Clickfunnel.com

    The AutoResponder service

    In order to enable your communications with customers you can choose any one of

    the following:

    Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder from GetResponse

    iContact - Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Software & Email Marketing Newsletters from AWeber

    Email Marketing and Marketing Automation from Sendlane

    After choosing an autoresponder you have to:

    1. Correctly set-up your campaign (10-15 mins)

    2. Finding the freebee to offer in your opt-in page

    a. The word “FREE” is powerful – this is effective because busy people

    want free information / offers. Make it VERY ENGAGING & ENTICING!

    b. Where can you find your freebee?

    i. Plrassassin.com (private label rights)

    ii. Idplr.com

    iii. oDesk

    iv. Elance

    v. iWriter

    vi. Guru

    3. Your freebee needs to be a FOCAL point to sell other products. Once they

    take your free offer, then there is a possibility they will pay for other related

    offers from you?

    4. How can a freebee (.pdf/video), result in a paid offer?

    5. Now, on the TYP… you upsell them

    a. (example: Thank you for requesting my FREE offer – it’s being sent to

    your email. Meanwhile watch this video that shows you to …. ) This is

    a soft sell that can be very profitable.

    Writing your autoresponder email series

    Some rules of email marketing

    1. Mail your list every day!

    2. Give you subscribers DIFFERENT kind of emails! Mix it Up with Promos,

    relationship emails, free information, BE UNIQUE to keep subscribers


    3. Make sure your emails are ENGAGING! VERY JUMPY! Not just boring crap!

    What are the 3 types of emails?

    1. Content email – This provides subject relevant FREE content with no strings

    attached, which builds loyalty! This results in click-throughs! (checklists,

    articles, my blog or other peoples blog).

    2. Relationship builder emails –

    a. Example – Ladies & Gentlemen, I found this awesome blog (not mine),

    which I found this awesome blog that discusses blah blah, that I fell in

    love with and I couldn’t NOT share it with you. Go check it out, here is

    my quick summary of it.

    b. Hold a webinar

    a. send videos

    b. send tweets

    c. send facebook

    d. send links to my blog

    e. Google hangouts with customers (1 dedicated hour , host a free

    hangout to anyone live and engage)

    3. Sales email – Sales can lead to building relationships with “Customers” and

    not just subscribers!

    a. Every part of your email strategy brings you either closer or further

    from $ale$.

    b. Always treat your list & customers like your BEST FRIEND and money

    will come to you!

    c. Create a business YOU would want to buy from yourself!

    How do you get web traffic to your opt-in page?

    1. Traffic is your Life Source when it comes to online digital marketers

    2. Sources of Traffic

    3. Free Traffic Sources

    a. Traffic = Prospects

    b. Prospects = Potential Subscriber

    c. Potential Subscriber = Potential Customer

    d. Customers = Sales

    e. More Sales = More $$$$$

    f. More $$$$$ = More Scale & Growth

    g. More Scale & Growth = Bigger Brand

    a. You either need money or time

    b. Or BOTH!

    a. Forums

    b. Solo Ad Swaps

    4. Paid Traffic Sources

    c. Blogs

    a. Paid Solo Ads – When you ask someone how already owns a list of

    TONS of subscribers to mail on MY BEHALF. This way my opt-in page

    has a better chance to gain SALES with highly engaged customers of a

    related niche

    b. Facebook Ads

    c. Bing Ads

    d. Google Ads

    e. Pinterest Ads

    f. Banners

    How to plan your launch

    1. Identify your audience

    2. Pick you niche – you have to be interested in solving your customers


    3. Confirm that your niche can make money and is currently selling

    4. Is there a large audience in your niche?

    5. What questions are they already asking? Remember – You want to solve

    their problems and SERVICE them with a SOLUTION

    6. Where are they already buying from?

    7. What are they paying for these products/services (find specifics here to

    measure against).

    8. This will result in specific landing pages, to result in HIGH CONVERSIONS!

    9. You must understand and get to know your market! This of it as a game, like

    you’re going undercover to be accepted into the group.

    10. It is important that your follow-up emails keep customers engaged!

    11. Where do they live/shop/go to school/travel/how old are they?

    Understand my competition

    1. You want to go where LOTS of existing ads exist & marketing. Go with the

    Flow (keep on flowing).

    a. What are they selling?

    b. Where are they selling?

    c. How are they selling?

    d. What prices are they charging?

    Where to research?

    1. Facebook

    a. search for “likes”, to make sure TONS of people already hang out


    b. How long has the FB site been up?

    c. How many shares for each pic/products/deals!

    2. Amazon books

    3. Amazon Physical products

    4. Ebay

    5. Magazines.com

    6. Google

    7. Similarsites.com

    Solve Customer Problems

    1. Be willing to adhere to sell what your market WANTS.

    2. Go with the market trends, be like water and FLOW by:

    a. selling the items they want

    b. in the ways they are already buying

    c. at the prices they are used to paying.

    3. After you’ve researched your niche, be SPECIFIC in your solution, which

    should be solving the customers SPECIFIC problems.

    4. This allows you to cater to customers needs, which will improve customer



    Keep your page simple but authoritative; meaning don’t be a nobody and prove

    you’re a real vendor with real solutions and you have a web presence.

    1. Have a privacy policy

    2. Logo

    3. Links that work.

    Did this help you? Please give me your feedback or share your own ideas w/ me!

    Thanks all!

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    Excellent post, so much info.
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