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How To Get Super Cheap Traffic With Bing Ads

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by jackharper, May 22, 2015.

  1. jackharper

    jackharper Affiliate affiliate

    Bing Ads is a tool that can drive hundreds of visitors to your website with only 10$ but not many people know about this. Today I’m going to show you how to use this tool.

    I suppose that you are able to create an account with Bing Ads so I’m going to focus on how to use it.

    Step 1: Click “Create campaign”


    Step 2: Campaign settings

    Type in basic information for your campaign. “Campaign budget” is the maximum amount of money you want to spend a day. “Location” is the country where your ad will be displayed.


    Step 3: Create an ad

    Continue to add more information here. “Ad title” is the title that viewers will see. “Ad text” is the description of what you want to offer to your visitors. “Display URL” is the link that viewers see. “Destination URL” is the the actual link that visitors will be directed to. For example, if your display URL is Google and your destination URL is Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More the visitors will be directed to Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More


    Step 3: Choose your keyword

    Click “Research keyword” and then choose “Find keyword containing a word or phrase”


    You should choose relevant keywords with search volume of over 5000/month or above. In the Bid (USD) section, type “0,05” in all the boxes. Don’t worry that the bid is too low. Your ad will be displayed anyway. When you are done, click “Save”.


    Step 5: Go to “Account and Billing”


    Add your payment method and add funds.


    That’s it. Your ad is good to go.

    I hope this traffic method will be helpful to you.
    Thank you for reading.
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  2. newbidder
  3. iansully

    iansully Affiliate affiliate

    Nothing special here, just bidding low for a keyword will only get you no clicks or impressions. Its not any trick or anything lol.
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  4. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    Well this section is a tutorial section in the public part of the fix. It is not the Dojo.

    This is very good for newbies who never ever done it before. I remember my first time, I was so nervous and I was not sure how to proceed.

    This is one of those things the fix need in my humble opinion.

    We have advance stuff in the Dojo, so we need more things for the newbies and more things for the basic stuff. This way affiliatefix.com can be a complete and comprehensive go to place for affiliate and cpa marketing for everyone at every level including the newbies that are so new that they are clueless.

    If I had found affiliatefix first, instead of these other courses I purchased, it would have saved me a few thousands of dollars.
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  5. marcPIGurus

    marcPIGurus Affiliate affiliate

    me = newbie. This was helpful for me. Thank you
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  6. sinam10

    sinam10 Affiliate affiliate

    nothing new , anyone if try to create any campign will do the same

    you told " How To Get Super Cheap Traffic With Bing Ads " I cannot find that in your topic !
  7. asmadeus08

    asmadeus08 Affiliate affiliate

    Little tip as additional power for that method. Check on google trend seed keyword and if it's popular then find top kw based on seed kw. Then paste top kw on keywordtool.com and choose bing. After that upload all kw's to the Bing campaign.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
  8. akmkyo

    akmkyo Affiliate affiliate

    im practice with it

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