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How to get Multiple Friends on Facebook.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    How to get Multiple Friends on Facebook.

    This guide will show you exactly how you can get multiple friends on multiple accounts easily, to build up a huge source of Facebook traffic and followers.

    Getting Friends on Facebook

    Having multiple accounts with lots of friends on Facebook can be a massive bonus. Not only can you market to these friends but they can be highly targeted and a great source for your pages, offers and others. Facebook traffic is really viral so this is an amazingly effective way to build accounts with multiple traffic sources.

    Create Multiple Accounts

    There is no way around these next steps, you will need to create multiple accounts. However it isn't that simple Facebook are tracking down on people who have multiple accounts so we will NEED to use proxies and new email addresses per account. I have written a simple guide on using proxy servers and created a big list of email providers.

    So each time we create a new Facebook account we need a fresh matching email address and a new proxy.

    This method is 10x more effective if you create female accounts. There is no better way to put this, men are horny and will add attractive female accounts in a flash.

    Create new female accounts with attractive names on a corresponding email address. For example i would create a new account on Facebook called "Jane Diamonds" with a new email account "[email protected]".

    Complete your Profiles

    Find a nice set of images for your new accounts, they need to be amateur looking and not have any watermarks etc. Those "self shot/ex girlfriend" female pictures going round the net are perfect. Always make sure you have permission to use the images.

    Now fill out all your profile fields in as much detail as possible. You want to come across as if your are real and legitimate so add a job, interests, hobbies and a few pictures etc.

    Define your Target

    Like i said previously you can highly target using this method or you can simply go for as much volume as possible. If you are targeting make sure you add the target in your interests etc. For example if you are pushing a "movie site" put in your interests that you like movies etc.

    Reel in the Fish(Friends)

    We are going to use Facebook pages to gather friend requests on our newly created accounts. If you defined a target audience for example "movie sites" and "movie lovers", head over to the search bar on Facebook. We want to find as many pages as possible with high amount of "likes". Start by liking no more than 10 pages a day.

    Once we have added relevant pages head on over to your pages page on Facebook.

    It is now time to start gathering some attention. Once you have liked the page we need to make a comment to attract some friend requests. If i am using the "movie site" example i would comment with something like the following,

    Hey guys, pretty new to Facebook, LOVE movies and talking about them so add me if you do also.x
    You will be amazed at how many requests you instantly receive. The viral effect will also kick in as more people add you. Just make sure you have a hot profile picture.

    Repeat this every few days.

    All in Moderation

    As i have said above Facebook are clamping down on mass accounts and people adding multiple people everyday. So take your time and only add no more than 50 friends a day. Also make sure you act like a real account and respond to inbox messages, requests etc so you don't get flagged.

    I would suggest only accepting 50 requests per day max. Also only comment on pages once every few days and let the requests build up. This is why i suggest using multiple accounts as if you do this on several accounts you can soon build up lots of friends. Just make sure you use new proxies and accounts each time.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
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  2. terraleads
  3. shadwell

    shadwell Affiliate affiliate

    The female profile thing as stupid as it sounds does work wonders. Just be prepared for random pervy blokes asking for skype and email lol.

    Anyone know what a limit is with the amount of people we should aim for with an account.
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    You mean per day?
  5. shadwell

    shadwell Affiliate affiliate

    I meant in total the maximum limit but I see it's 5000 friends.

    I think my female account has around 1000 friends so a bit of a way to go.
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yes pretty sure 5000 is still the limit.
  7. krogertek

    krogertek The Dojo Member Affiliate Manager affiliate

    500 is the limit! After that you get only subscribers.
  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  9. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Great tips! Also here it is what I did in the past...
    I just created a profile about cooking and recipes...Then joined to 300-500 cooking/recipe related groups.
    After few days I posted in these 300-500 targeted groups next things:

    =====>Picture about delicious food(just use Google)
    =====>Posted a recipe about that food(just use Google)
    =====>Presented myself like a PRO cooking chef
    =====> and at the end of my recipe going this "Feel free and add me as friend If you like my recipe.I will accept every friend request and share more of my master recipes and tips!"

    Better way is If you post in groups than on fb pages(you will receive much more likes and comments on your group post)...

    Also If you have a female profile...
    You can just go to "Add me" groups,you will find at least 500 "Add me" groups (even much more) and post friendly
    post like K what mentioned^^...
    Don`t spam groups! Try to looks real and friendly...
    You`ll receive 100-200 friend requests daily!

    p.s. I am using a software for automate tasks on FB so I don`t need to join manually to all these groups
    and post in them...
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  10. frostt

    frostt Affiliate affiliate


    Great post, thank you. If you don't mind can you share the FB auto posting software name?
  11. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Software is called oCommunity Suite, it is still great but FB is very strict nowadays.
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