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How To Get More 1 Way Links?


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Marc here... I need to know if any of you have your own favorite way of getting more one-way links to your web site(s). I use article marketing sometimes, forums are slow to find many of. I need these links to help with search engine traffic.

Let's start a discussion and exchange our best ideas... One, two, three...

Thanks, Marc


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A Good FREE Reciprocal Links Source

Hey everyone... I want to share a great place to get hundreds of reciprocal links in targeted categories for FREE.

It's a cool site. Just go there and read what they have to say. If you need more reciprocal links, select their free option. Be fast, because they are only offering this for a limited time for free!

Here is the address to One Way Text Links. They are a linking company:

I am still curious to see your ideas on getting one way links...

Let's Talk...

Linda Buquet

For awhile I used an MSN spaces blog for links to my site and also used to copy my blog snippets there.

Have not used it for months and am not sure if or how well it passes links or how things have changed since they changed to LIVE, but seemed to help get some of my sites indexed and did bring a little traffic way back when. FYI for awhile I was also seeing some TOP rankings for affiliate links in Spaces, but that was awhile back too. Not certain if they are still ranking.

There are other blog platforms that may do better. Plus not sure but look into things like Google groups, Yahoo groups, Stubleupon and other social networks and bookmarketing sites for 1 way links. Not sure if any use no follows or how much they would help you but I assume if you target links to categories that match your site content it could help some.

Again, can't verify any of these just throwing them out for you to do
some due diligence on. Food for thought!


I am assuming we are talking about FREE one-way links as opposed to ones you buy through a text link broker correct? Well here's a mixture of free and paid ways I use to market my websites. Many you'll already know about.

1. Forums - (You already covered that one)
2. Blogs - Select a handful of high traffic blogs and post INTELLIGENT/RELEVANT comments
3. Article Marketing - (yep you covered that one too)
4. MySpace - Funny enough nearly 20% of my traffic now comes from MySpace
5. Viral Reports - Write a short report and freely distribute it with links back to your site(s).
6. Directories - Get listed in as many as you can. Even pay for placement in some more popular ones such as Best of the Web
7. Classified Ad Sites - Use US Free Ads, Craigslist , or my blog..yes that was a plug. *If using Craigslist be careful. You may want to purchase The Unofficial Craigslist Book to most effectively advertise your products and services there
8. Press Releases - Solid, permanent backlinks and pretty much guaranteed traffic generators when you use popular services like PRweb
9. Purchase text links- Text Link Ads , Text Link Brokers , etc.
10. Unsolicited Testimonials - Yep. I've managed to score some nice PR6 one-way links from testimonials I've written and e-mailed to merchants and marketers for killer products and services I purchased from them. They love this and will post a link back to your site 99.9 percent of the time.

Hmmm....very good discussion topic as this is the #1 factor (at least with Google) in terms of SE placement. I'll come back to this thread and post some more ways when I think of them.


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Thanks for the great input

You really hit the nail on the head, Stephen.

I'll definitely try some of your suggestions. If I could ask another question, which of these one-way linking methods brings you the most traffic to your sites, Stephen? That would be good to know for website building purposes.

What business are you in, Stephen? My ventures online started with PPC campaigning and now I am into publishing ebooks. I am concentrating on trying to market popular recipe cookbooks that I have the resell rights to.

It seems very hard to pick up enough traffic to market them so far.

Thanks again Stephen and Linda,

All my best, Marc


Hey Marc, I'm glad you found that information useful.

I'm an affiliate marketer and SEO junky. I'm constantly testing and experimenting with different traffic sources and methodologies to see what REALLY works. I love affiliate marketing but I'm now slowwwwly moving into the product development phase of my online marketing.

It's great promoting other peoples products but as we all know having your OWN product(s) is the golden egg. I've spent too much time purely as an affiliate marketer. Who else is in that boat :rolleyes:

My Best One Way Links

Well, a quick look at my server logs and Google Analytics indicates the one-way links I've acquired from testimonials produces much more traffic than all my other methods combined. Why not articles and all that other jazz?

I think it's because testimonials are put right in a visitors face when they land on website. If you've written a really good testimonial many webmasters will put your remarks right smack dab on their homepage. Even if they're not on the homepage they're on a "Testimonial" page. Don't you almost ALWAYS read through some of the testimonials before you buy a product or service? I know I do.

Now don't get me wrong. You should still do ALL the methods mentioned just for the sheer number of backlinks you can acquire to make Google and Yahoo! happy. However, testimonials (for me) are the most weighty of my one-way links.


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Writing 15-20 articles/day and mass submitting them to directories can get you a lot of one-way links in a hurry.

Secondly, I would say using forums, purchasing text links, high powered blog sites, etc...

And I agree with whoever mentioned the testimonial method, I too have success with that.. It is a great idea, especially if your website is relevant to the visual success of their product. They love that.



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Hi there, dont discount the noise that social bookmarking sites do to yoru sites too! Tag your articles at social bookmarking networks and set targeted keywords.
I agree with Stephen, myspace is a huge huge marketing ground for Internet Marketers.
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Thanks for very good advice...

I like your idea, AI. The article method might work out very well. Do you know where I could pick up a good article submitter for free?

I write a fair amount of articles. What return in numbers of page views do you see from your article submissions? My linking has been helped by my articles, although I haven't been able to find an article submission software I like. And the traffic has been lower than I expected.

You have a very interesting strategy. I find it hard to write more than 2 articles a day though. I get busy with other things...

Merry Christmas to all. Joy fills the heart of the one who cares the most.

Thanks, Marc


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I got a ton of one-way links using directories, submitting articles and even advertising in google adwords on the content network which counts as a link to your site.