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How to Generate Traffic for Insurance



There are many ways to generate traffic online, but the best way would be using activities like SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC. SEO is a method that shows results gradually but PPC and Social Media Marketing shows instant results. If you have money to spend, it is recommended that you start with SEO and PPC simultaneously. You can slowly decline doing PPC once you see the organic traffic getting generated. We are doing the SEO service for an insurance company named Insurance Dubai and we could see organic traffic growing very soon as we have used the best white hat techniques to bring the results.


Some useful tips to generate traffic
Search traffic: Write hybrid long content (min 1500 words blogpost). And learn SEO. Play the On-page SEO using powerful keywords that rank your page. And perform Off-page SEO, build enough backlink from higher authority sites.
Referral traffic: Learn SMO/SMM. Learn how to play better social media optimization and marketing, especially 5 big SMM - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & YouTube.
Direct traffic: Learn how to be conducted effective email marketing, directory listing and newsletter operating.
PPC Traffic (Paid): Learn how to operate a Google Adwords PPC campaign Or Facebook Ad campaign.
Q&A Traffic: Learn how to drive Traffic from Quora or Yahoo Answer helping right answer.
Forum Traffic: Engage in the prominent forums relevant to your industry or niche
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