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How to choose CPA offer for CPA newbies

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by strikefreedom, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. strikefreedom

    strikefreedom Affiliate affiliate

    CPA marketing, a relatively new concept on the wider scale at which it is now practiced, can sound intimidating when you first look into it. But don't be intimidated, as CPA marketing is about as easy as marketing gets, once you understand it.

    If your site serves a unique niche, you may even be able to delve into small change sales. Everybody wins in these transactions, as the visitors get something for nearly nothing, you get paid, and the advertiser gets exposure and builds a prospect list.

    Promoting the right CPA offers can be the life or death of an affiliate business. So you're going to want to know these 3 tips to choosing the best CPA offers available.

    Tip number one is to ask your affiliate manager assigned to you at the network which offers are killing it right now. What I mean by this is simply ask your affiliate manager which offers are doing well for other affiliates and why. I know this sounds too easy, but affiliate managers want you do well because it affects their salary so it's their job to let you know what offers are doing well and why you should promote. Believe me having a solid relationship with your affiliate managers is one of the most under valued tricks to making a splash in the CPA marketing world.

    Two, search offers by EPC (earnings per click) and look at the offers that have brought in the most money for the network. Now look at the date, this is important, if it is a fairly new offer and has brought in significant revenue then you know that you have a hot CPA offer to promote.

    And now for tip three, "copy the best". Use Spyfu.com or Keyword Compete to spy on other PPC affiliates and see what offers they are promoting, now simply promote the same offers and add your own secret sauce. By promoting the hottest offers and adding your own unique spin, you're almost guaranteed to blow away the competition.

    Let's look further how this can help you as a CPA marketing affiliate. For many advertisers, particularly those in narrow, high margin businesses, it is more than worth it to pay you for a high-quality lead, instead of paying for poorly targeted advertising.

    As you get started with CPA marketing, you will probably do best to go in the direction of free trial offers. These are easy to set up and easy to promote. You don't have to hard sell your site visitors on getting something for free.

    If it is a trial offer that leads into a subscription, the offer will generate consistent revenue for the advertiser. If it is a free product offering to build a market list, the advertiser will continue to advertise to the prospects you refer for a long period of time. Either way, the advertiser is willing to pay you a substantial amount to practically give things away.

    Most importantly, it doesn't really matter what happens after you complete your end of the bargain. You will get paid regardless of whether or not the person you refer ever buys anything from the advertiser. And, you will get paid significantly more than you would using cost per click advertising.

    Type of cpa offer for newbie to start
    Free trial offers are not the only simple CPA marketing programs you can join. Zip submit CPA marketing programs are so simple you'll hardly believe it. All your site visitors have to do is enter their zip codes and the advertiser pays you. As you would expect, you won't get paid nearly as much per submission for this type of program, but it is very easy to convince site visitors to type in their zip codes.

    E-mail submit is a bit harder to convert, but it pays quite a bit better than zip submit. The reason is obvious. The advertiser is trying to build a list of people to which to send their advertisements. So each time one of your visitors comes to your site and submits a valid e-mail address, you get paid. If you have a unique niche and high traffic, you may get special offers from advertisers who want to set up a higher-paying CPA program with you.

    Take some time to browse the Web and look over programs like Zero Friction Marketing where you can get more information about CPA marketing offers. You can learn a lot more about the various types of CPA offers and, most importantly, how to choose the right offer to promote and how to promote it, by checking out the newly-released Zero Friction. Learn more about the numerous ways to make money online by clicking the link. This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free to reprint it and distribute it as you like. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes, that this resource text is included, and that the links above are intact.


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    Learn a lot from your article. Thank you.
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    It is cool!I will apply more CPA to do it!

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