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How to choose a good webhost

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by hd2000, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. hd2000

    hd2000 Affiliate affiliate

    Choosing a webhost

    There are tons of web hosting companies, offers wide variety of package, but for an affiliate marketer at times it is quite hard to choose which one suitable.

    First of all, here is a forum which the web hosting industry reside in http://www.webhostingtalk.com

    There are 2 types of web hosting:

    Managed :

    Your VPS/dedicated server is managed by experience server admin but it will cost more. Most of the simple administrative tasks by the server owner, you, will be done from Cpanel.


    You manage or own VPS or hire someone to setup or manage for you. This would cost cheaper, but you or someone must have the necessary skillset to properly manage a server.

    So if you are a non techie, go for the ‘Managed’ route. Here is the basic VPS spec for an affiliate marketer

    Multi Core CPU
    1GB or 2GB RAM
    Hard Disk (possible SSD)

    Next we will research which web hosting to sign up. Now go to http://www.webhostingtalk.com

    Web Hosting Talk:Advertising Forums:Web Hosting Offers:VPS Hosting Offers

    There are some sticky threads, you will notice some name such as WiredTree, Liquid Web, KnownHost

    Now go to Web Hosting Talk:Web Hosting Main Forums: VPS Hosting

    Now take this name such as ‘WiredTree review’, search in the box. There will be tons of customers feedback on this particular web hosting company.

    From your customer review, you will understand some customers really like a host, some really bad mouth a host, some give ridiculous feedback, there is NO perfect host, therefore choose the one are having the most good review

    Here is a good review of a happy customer about this particular host :

    [Initial Review] WiredTree | Web Hosting Talk

    This would save you lots of headache on how to choose a good host.

    Then survey where the hosted their VPS, if your traffic is in US, get one which near your demographics.

    For your LP, you can always able to host in a CDN (Content Delivery Network), here is a good one Rackspace Cloud Files, CDN is basically the nearest of server will serve your uploaded files, therefore you get more conversions.

    Scalable online media and file storage | Rackspace Cloud Files

    After you choose the hosting, depends on what kind of traffic you’ve pushed, if you feel you need more responsive web reply, you can upgrade to the upper level package or request a custom package.

    But before you upgrade, ensure you already max out your available resources with these well configured softwares

    Web server : Nginx or litespeed
    MYSQL : MySQL 5.5 or above (prefer innodb)
    Memcached (if you using prosper 202)

    Here are some of good web host you can try on

    Managed :

    1. Wired Tree
    2. LiquidWeb
    3. KnownHost

    Unmanaged :

    1. RamHost
    2. Ramnode
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  2. newbidder
  3. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Choosing a web hosting service provider is one of the key things yet underestimated during the website deployment. There are measures that are used to be able to determine whether the choice made is best for you or not. Personally, i will recommend that at all costs, you may avoid the service providers that limit your bandwidth. The bandwidth limitation is compared to ability to limit access to your website which should never be the case. Each and every person who comes up with a website always desire to have a lot of traffic, be therefore sure that the bandwidth is unlimited. You can also consider other factors such as sub-domains, the disk spaces you are being provided and the number of custom made emails you will have to be given.

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