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How to check bad links?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Abdullah, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Abdullah

    Abdullah Affiliate affiliate

    Can someone please clarify me about how to check bad links?
  2. Voluum
  3. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

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  4. Erik Kyle

    Erik Kyle Affiliate affiliate

    1. Take a deep analysis of your existed backlink profile: the number of backlinks, diversity, value and relevancy identification of domains that link to my site; the status of the links (follow /no-follow, sitewide/non-sitewide etc.); what link texts get connected my site with other websites.
    2. Filter and group the links with the highest level of toxicity. Take a deep look into these low quality links, why they are considered toxic.
    3. Contact with website owners and ask to unlink my website.
    4. Report the list of those links which I have failed to remove to Google.

    The ignoring of some of the steps may cause the loss of your website authority, rankings and call down Google's penalties (algorithmic or more serious manual one). On the other hand, by removing backlinks in bulk you may lose some of relative (though low quality) backlink opportunities.

    Not so easy as it seems, right? I use Web CEO which is one of the few online SEO reporting tools that simplify the process and lead me through all the steps, report by report. I use it on a regular basis and I feel unalarmed about Google's penalties and fall of rankings so far. Have a look at its Backlink Quality Checker and decide whether its useful features (good-looking reports, tool summary widget sets at your option, detailed backlinks data insights)
  5. Abdullah

    Abdullah Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot for helping me. I am having a good time over here.
  6. woodboxmedia

    woodboxmedia Affiliate affiliate

    Use Your Webmaster Tool...Best Thing!!!
  7. CapitalSEO

    CapitalSEO Guest

    Moz.com does a pretty good job of crawling your site and finding any dead links.

    You can use AHREFS.com to find any broken backlinks to your site. If you find any, it's an opportunity to create new content or 301 redirect.

    Good luck!
  8. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    Netpeak is good tool to check the bad backlink.
  9. Max123

    Max123 Affiliate affiliate

    Your webmaster tool can provide details about back links also Moz is very nice tool.
  10. HCFGrizzly

    HCFGrizzly Affiliate affiliate

    There are many tools to check bad links. What I`m currently using:
    Google`s Webmaster tool and Free Broken Link Checker.
    Don`t forget that after you find a bad link to use Google`s disavow tool
  11. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    To me I think that Netpeak is the best option when it comes to identification of the bad links. I have been using it to run a certain project and it has really helped me. I can however inform you that it is always good if at all you have a taste of the top software and thereafter you will be able to create a clear comparison. With comparison, you will always have that time to weigh the benefits against the disadvantages so that you take what works best for you.
  12. RankWatch

    RankWatch Affiliate affiliate

    Use Google webmaster tool to check backlinks of your site. Check all the links manually, remove as many as possible.

    Types of the bad links are-

    • Links from porn or gambling sites
    • Low Quality Directory links
    • Paid links
    • Affiliate Links
    • Links from domains which have been penalized by Google
    • Too many links with over-optimized anchor texts
    • Links from the same class C
    • Links from the same IP
    Links from 0 or n/a PR sites

    Use Google disavow tool to report bad links.