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How to become successful with affiliate marketing?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by rashidckk, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. rashidckk

    rashidckk Affiliate affiliate

    How these guys are making a lot of money from affiliate marketing? I found it very difficult to earn few bucks from affiliate marketing. I have tried to sell few Amazon products through my site and I hardly get any sales.
  2. Voluum
  3. Nixon Marcion

    Nixon Marcion Affiliate affiliate

    What you can do is make websites with a certain niche and then sell amazon and eBay products on there as well. You can also make the website Google ad sense ready and begin to offer a free product if a person subscribes. As long a person subscribes you will get their email and then you can begin to offer them affiliated products or services via email. It is called building a list of clients that are interested in your products. Make sure you have engaging content and show them love by giving them advise and also free stuff.
  4. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer Affiliate affiliate

    List building is very important, but before you even do that, you have to make sure you've picked the correct niche and correct product for that niche. Don't try to just sell anything to everyone; be specific and dedicated, and you'll see the results coming in.
  5. mkcookin

    mkcookin Affiliate affiliate

    I could not of said it better myself.

    The one thing you will see every successful internet marketing have in common is they have a list. When you have a list of very interesting and engaged customers, you can promote products to them and make sales that day.

    This can only be done though once you find a profitable niche, nurture a relationship with people interested in that niche, then promote high quality products to them.
  6. terryse

    terryse Affiliate affiliate

    There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to attain success in your online business endeavor. The only way to get a best start is to learn from those who are already successful in affiliate marketing. Subscribe to their newsletters and never stop learning.
  7. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    This is an area that I'm thinking of dabbling in. I've heard so much about affiliate marketing and how people are making a rich enough income from it, that I'm finally tempted to try it. What are the best sites to join with, besides eBay and Amazon?
  8. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate

    I agree. List building is important. People have said for years -- because it's true -- the money is in the list. But even beyond that, having a Web site or blog of engaging original content can be a very important part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

    You could write detailed and honest reviews of products and services and make recommendations accordingly. In this manner, you can become a person whom your readers will come to respect and to know as a reliable authority who makes recommendations to them that are based on quality rather than self-interest and promotion. It also helps to intersperse such content with posts and articles that are purely informative, with no financial gain intended. This further builds trust.
  9. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not very successful in terms of affiliate marketing, but I would say that it is best to start out on a niche that you really know. Yes, you've probably heard about this several times already but it is worth repeating. Review a product that you have used yourself, and provide your readers with an honest review. Other than that, I highly suggest you learn about "buyer keywords".

    The thing about affiliate marketing is that you need to have a great website first, and one which gets a lot of traffic. You can achieve this through SEO and various marketing methods. So if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to learn the other aspects of Internet marketing as well.