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How to anti - Fraud In Our Systems CPA Network !

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by trung_peter, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. trung_peter

    trung_peter Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there ! I have some network of my own , but those has been dead by fraud attack !

    Please tell me how to anti - Combat fraud, Thank you very much !
  2. terraleads
  3. joey babbs

    joey babbs Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Well firstly DENY...DENY....DENY..... 99% of applicants cause they are likely fraud...but how do youi know for sure??? Well that takes a lot of skill in detecting and screening thieves. It's an art really....and it's a fine balance between insulting someone or just asking the right questions.

    Secondly, look into scrubkit or CPA detective but these are only tools. You need to actively watch traffic referals and times of conversions everything.,

    It takes time and effort to really get down to it...thats why 99% of new networks get targetted because fraudsters know they have no idea how to detect fraud....then you end up paying the fraudster but your advertiser backs out...

    If you are not screening applicants you can bet 90% of the traffic on your network right now is fraud...GAURANTEED.

    Your best bet is to meet people get to know people on forums like this and then privatize your network or only take referals...unless you have strong anti fraud systems.

    By reducing the amount of fraud everyone on your network wins! Higher and faster payouts for everyone...

    That goes for applying to networks...if you apply to a network and it is really easy to get in...then this is kind of a bad sign...it means they could be full of fraud especially if they have no fraud detection in place... That means YOUR payment is at risk even though you arent a fraudster! :)
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  4. grabadssabrina

    grabadssabrina Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    screening your applicants before you even allow them access to your network is the key here. Call and talk to them on the phone. Ask them the right questions. Eventually even the best fraudsters will get caught this way.

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