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How seasonal are adult rates?

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by jackoekaki, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. jackoekaki

    jackoekaki Affiliate affiliate

    When I was involved with publishing some G-rated display advertising I noticed there were huge seasonal trends (CPMs spiked around thanksgiving and christmas etc). Obviously you want to be aware of this if you're going to compare the results of experiments conducted at different times in the year. A weekend effect would also mean that you'd want your experiments to be at least a week long.

    Do you guys see seasonal effects like this in adult? I'm going to be doing a bunch of tests so I'm wondering if affiliate pay rates, traffic or CTRs vary or whether they're pretty much static.
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  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    I'm pretty sure that around all seasoned events every niche sees a spike - I tend to stop bidding on traffic around Christmas as it's sometimes just not worth it in a competitive niche.

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