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How R your Cyber Monday Sales???

Linda Buquet

<img src="" alt="cybermonday" align="left" hspace="10" /></a> I know lots of affiliates went to bed last night with visions of big checks dancing in their heads. I sure hope Cyber Monday sales are shaping up well and your stats are looking rosy.

Even though Cyber Monday gets all the buzz, it's probably not going to be THE biggest shopping day of the season. So if your numbers were good today, they should only get better as we get closer to Christmas.

comScore Inc. estimated online sales would exceed $700 million online on Cyber Monday. That's up 100 million from last year's Cyber day sales.

Most experts predict today will not be the biggest sale of the season. One report says Dec. 10th will be the biggest Holiday sales day online in 2007, another predicts the 13th and yet another says the 17th, which I think is too late to be the biggest day. My bet's on the 10th.

So how are your Cyber sales today??? Great I hope!


New Member
I agree that the 2nd week of December will be the busiest. However a lot of places have gotten snow early this year (including Montreal :rolleyes: ) so I'm hoping that this will encourage more people to stay in and shop from home!


Good Point!

Even down here in New Mexico it's been snowing like crazy.

In my home town of Roswell (Yes, UFO Roswell) It snowed 10 inches last weekend. That is a ton of snow for us and really shuts down the town.