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How Profitable is your Niche? Marketing Test

Linda Buquet

Sometimes you read some advice that just boils it down so simply that you wonder why we all tend to make this online marketing thing so difficult. I've blogged a lot about the importance of finding a good niche your affiliate site or blog. I've also shared lots of good tools here in the <a target="_new" href="">Niche Marketing </a>blog, for drilling down to find that golden niche. But how do you know it's really golden?

Before you go to all the trouble of building a site or building a huge pay per click campaign with 1,000 long tail keywords, you may want to follow John Reese's simple, effective "Exact Targeting Test". It makes so much sense!
<blockquote>"I truly believe anyone can make a small fortune on the Internet. But it all starts with the first move being one that validates that the product you want to sell (and the marketing you’ve set up for it) will work.

I don’t care how great you think your product is or how amazing you think your marketing plan is. When trying to sell anything online it all needs to start with one thing and one thing only - The Exact Targeting Test."</blockquote>
The article is slanted toward info product developers that have their own product to sell. But the same tactics could be used to test a new niche idea and affiliate program you want to research before putting in a ton of time and energy to build out a full site and execute a complete marketing strategy.

Pick your best keyword - Bid it high - Get the clicks. "Don’t wait one month to get 300-400 targeted visitors when you can get them in a few days and know what your next step will be."

Read, the rest. Lots of great advice. <strong><a target="_new" href=""> Internet Marketing Must Absolutely Start With One Thing - The Exact Targeting Test</a></strong>


New Member
Good find Linda, there's some great advice in that article. :)

I like how it raises the point that it is essential to test one's market in it's initial stages. Not every niche market will actually be successful, which I think is an important factor for affiliates to consider.


I read his article awhile back and found that he does offer some great information including the exact targeting test as you mentioned.