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How narrow should I go with my niche


I am going to start a website but I am not sure how narrow I should go with my niche. Should it be just one product or something more broad. Should I look it up in google and see if there are too many sites already? Please help me. I have no idea where to start.

Linda Buquet

If the niche is electronics, as you said in the question in your other post then it's really not a niche it's a broad and VERY competitive product category.
Electronics is pretty competitive no matter how you cut it, so even if you drill down to a sub category it may still be tough.

Possibly if you know alot about and have a special interest in one very specific type of electronics you could do OK if you are good at marketing. Does not have to be a single product - could be several production options in the same niche category like GPS or radar detectors. But something like digital cameras would be extremely tough as far as competition goes.

You need to check # of searches compared to number of competing pages.
Most keyword tools call it KEI. Here is some info:

KEI - Keyword Effectiveness Index - Identify keyword that are easier to achieve top 10 rankings
More info here: Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

Firefly Wings

If you are a newbie to Internet marketing, then it is recommended that you start with one or two products for a specific niche, then add more products once you get the hang of it.

Niche marketing requires it that you observe the behavior of your target market closely. In time, you will learn about the behavioral trend of your target consumers so you can think ways on how to improve your product. And in such time, you can start thinking about new products that can make the lives of your customers better.


I believe the key to success at earning money on Internet is selling very specific items. The same goes when SEOing, never try to get a good position at words like "***", "cars", "houses" or something like that. Try to sell blue ribbons with red dots made from cotton optimisating for "blue ribbons with red dots made from cotton" and I bet you'll get sales faster than selling just plain ribbons :)