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How Much to Expect Converssion Rate From Trafic Brokers?


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if a 1% of converssion of a regular trafic [ Adwords, google search] is low/ok [for newbs] than how much should i expect from trafic brookers? is a 1 to 1000 would be ok? or should i expect even 1 to 2000?




Traffic Brookers

If you have purchased traffic then expect ZERO conversion to sales!
Its a really big NO NO to purchase traffic from anyone - its almost always junk traffic

You mention google adwords - you can actually do quite well with Google Adwords. I have managed to get as high as 10% conversion to sales from Adwords
Its all down to how you craft your ad, the way you set up your keywords, and what you put into your advert to choke off all the "freebie" seekers who will never pay you anything

The other thing that works really well is your own newsletter or ezine
Once you get a few hundred people at least, then you will start getting sales, but its all down to how you craft the emails

Just remember that before you dismiss something that its NOT the advertising thats at fault - it they WAY you are using it that wrong - there is a really steep learning curve in internet marketing, and most people giveup before they have worked out how to do it properly