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How much have you made off of Youtube?

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by LLuDawg, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. LLuDawg

    LLuDawg Guest

    I am interested in starting and working on a Youtube channel which will appeal to a specific niche. I am also hoping to gain many subscribers and views since I feel like I will be able to do well in my niche I have chosen. My question I have for all you Youtubers is how many views do you get on your Youtube channel and how much money do you make. Thanks!
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  3. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    I always face copyright issues on Youtube, no matter how I make the videos. Some picture or music will always be taken off the net, how on earth am I to produce copyright documents on them? If your videos are 100% homemade or you know the tricks of getting past their scanner, then Youtube can be a good source for earning.

    To get good views share them on your facebook/twitter accounts. People usually are attracted to music or informational videos, try and make them as interesting as you can, and not too lengthy. Also, you'll find there are some sites that help you to get views in exchange for credits, which you earn by viewing others' videos.
  4. Parksooah

    Parksooah Affiliate affiliate

    Agreeing with Eudora on this one. Any video that ive put onto youtube has always been taken down due to a copyright claim. One of my videos was a vlog from my room and they managed to find a poster on my wall that had a companys logo on it. The video was taken down a few days later.