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How many web 2.0 properties do you build?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by toughtrasher, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. toughtrasher

    toughtrasher Affiliate affiliate

    I've recently been following a strategy on SEO that includes building a ton of web 2.0 properties with 3 articles on them each. All unique and handwritten for quality links.

    I've been doing this for a single keyword (but anchor text is varied of course) that only has about 700 exact searches a month with easy competition. I feel tired after doing all the writing (made 12 articles on web 2.0 properties alone - for this keyword only!) and I absolutely feel like it's too much work.

    Plus, people told me that I have to update each property to make them seem active to Google, which is obviously a ton of work. All for this tiny keyword.

    Note: I picked the small volume keyword because I plan on doing many of them and just using the power of quantity to drive traffic to my blog.

    thanks for the answers everyone! :)
  2. Voluum
  3. sam11

    sam11 Affiliate affiliate

    I think you are doing way too much work for such a tiny reward. Before picking a keyword to write for try to pick really easy keywords. You can do this by looking at the Page Rank of the first 5-6 pages that rank for that keyword in Google.

    Also look at how many links those pages receive. On more competitive markets you could see a PR 1 (Page Rank 1) with 1000 links while on other niches you will find sites with PR 2 with 30 links.

    Of course it matter where those links are coming from, but try to mainly work with numbers. If the first 5-6 pages on a keyword have a Page Rank less or equal to 3 than you are good to go. The less PR the better and the fewer links you will need. See how many links the top pages needed to get there and get their Page Rank will let you know how difficult it will be for you to rank.

    Hope this helps a bit!